Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Knowing me, knowing you

so last night Troy and I were catching up on some TV time together.

one of the shows we watch is Medium, on NBC. Not necessarily in last night's show, but definitely in this season's storyline is that the husband's mother is seriously ill, and only has a 60% chance of recovering IF she gets a surgery. the short of it is that the mother asks the wife not to tell the son/husband. whoa.

so last night we played our 'what if' game. Troy asked me if I would be mad at him if someone close to me was dying and they asked HIM not to tell ME, on that 60% chance that they do survive.

I told him I would indeed be angry. I mean, sure, I get the idea of not wanting to worry your child with the knowledge that you are going to die, but in MY mind, I would want to spend as much quality time with that person before they did actually pass away.

to me it's a no-brainer, but maybe not for everyone. I mean, obviously some people feel otherwise.. that's why the storyline is plausible.

oh well. I started this thought this morning, and have since had one playdate for rhena in the house, and have another coming in about an hour. so if I DID have a better point to this topic.. I've lost it.

feel free to 'tawk amongst yourselves' about death, secrets and stuff. I'm going to do a clean sweep real quick so we stand the chance of the house not swallowing our guests alive when they get here.


Laura said...

I agree with you. The plot would seriously thicken with some butt kicking once I found out about the chance-of-death secret.

But alas, my life is not Hollywood material and I'm not that Arquette girl, so here I sit at my MCPD desk just a typin' away and killing some time.

We're on break, dude.

Anonymous said...

hmmm...haven't caught up that far in medium yet...I must be one shy...just watched the cannabalism one. CREEPFEST. Anyway...I am torn because while I would want to know so as to not be a crab about little minute things and complain about the person or whatever...but something tells me I should be doing that ANYWAY. Enjoying every moment with each person I have the pleasure to spend time with. I know I tend to worry and blow things up in my mind and obsess and fret. So not doing that would enable me to be a better person for the one in need. BUT I think it's impossible for spouses to keep that type of secret from each other. It's bound to slip.... i.e. stop complaining about her - she's DYING!

Carrie said...

Sus... I think you hit on what I wanted to say in terms of the what you DO vs what you SHOULD be doing.

like.. I SHOULD be treating everyone like those sappy e-mails we get say we should. dancing like no one is looking.. blah blah... though I dance MUCH better when I think someone IS looking. but that's a whole other blog.

it DID ultimately make me think that if I found out that someone I love is going to die soon, would I change my behavior much, and if I did (other than maybe doing MORE of what I'm doing now) than what on earth am I waiting for.

funny (not funny ha ha, just ironic funny.. though I suppose I should have just SAID ironic in teh first place) ANYWAYS.. ironic that I had been thinking this same thought at the beginning of the year, but in terms of if *I* were going to die, what people would I stop WASTING my time with.

I feel good that I seem to have figured out what trash needed to be taken out and now I'm on to making the good better.

yeah.. I think THAT'S something along the lines of what I was thinking this morning but got interrupted too many times to actually type out.

Christi said...

Hmmmm, I dunno. If it were my hubby's mom, I could totally see that...and he would probably be okay with it. However, if it were my mom, and he didn't tell me...I'd KILL him.

Christi said...

I just read your comment to RTB, and I agree w/the whole taking out the trash thing. Sometimes I look at my life nowadays, and it seems kinda sad to me that I only really have about two friends, and one of those is my mom! However, I decided one day to stop wasting my time with all of the other people I was "friends" with. It's not so much that they were bad, or not friendly or whatever, it's just that it wasn't worth my time to try to spend time with them. The people I associate with now want to see me, and I want to see them. The same goes w/caring about each other. The others were just going, "Oh, really?" whenever I talked to them, and I was doing the same.

Does that make any sense? I think I just went off on a tangent! Oops!

Hanni said...

My grandmother asked my mom-in-law not to tell anyone she had a bad heart and probably won't be around much longer. gram's hubbie (grandpa) doesn't even know her diagnosis!