Friday, February 29, 2008


alright. it's done. well, at least as done as I can be for now.

I got MOST of my consignment things hung, inventoried, tagged and dropped off. I had a total of 99 sellable items, but many of the 'items' were actually outfits that required liberal use of safety pins.

in other words.. my finger pads.. they be a hurtin'.

but... the good news is that despite my VERY LOW pricing, I think my gross total is somewhere close to $570. if all of that sells (oh please oh please!!) my 70% cut would be just under $400. not bad.

(not great considering the physical labor required to prep these things... talk about poverty-level wages!)

but nonetheless. we'll see how it goes. I still have a bunch more things I could prep and try to sell.. but right now.. I'm not feeling it. The sale is 2 weeks long and they have a 're-stock' day next sunday.. so maybe. maybe not. again.. we'll see.

also in money news... I applied to be a blogHer ad sponsor. I know. SELL-OUT!!! BUT.. on the upside.. it's not like I've been doing anything creative with my templates lately, and supposedly if people click on the ads through my blog, I could make like a half a penny or something. I dunno. it's still in the works, anyways. I guess I have to be 'approved' first.

hah. the very idea makes me laugh a little. oh well. provided they don't have a problem with cursing... sorry, I mean provided they don't have a fucking problem with some damned cursing... I might just get approved.

again.. we'll see.

in other news.. I'm going to attempt to make some fish for troy tonight. I figured if I can swing making a chocolate mousse cake from scratch without taste-testing it, I should be able to cook some fish, right? sad.. I don't even have an idea what kind of fish it is. oh well. I'll be making MYSELF some butternut squash raviolis.. he's more than welcome to have some of mine if the fish tastes like ass. at least I can say I tried.

speaking of tried... boy-child is apparently not going to nap this afternoon. so before HE wakes up the SHE... I'm going to get him and play.

happy friday. have a good weekend!


Angela said...

Congrats on getting all of your stuff ready for the sale. That would be a great profit- definitely enough for a plane ticket to St. Louis! ;-)

Do you make the butternut squash ravs from scratch? Can I get the recipe? They sound divine!

Anonymous said...

Way to go on all fronts. I'd like the cajun flounder recipe.

Or you can make it for me next time you're here...and I'll make you...



Christi said...

What! When I sold stuff at Tottrade, we only got 65%. Not fair!