Wednesday, February 27, 2008

This joint is jumpin'

whew! hump day already!!!

busy day planned with errands and playdates. oh, and consignment stuff. gotta finish everything up so I can drop it off tomorrow while rhena's at school.

of course.. we need to have a block of time set aside for some jumping.

Danny's newest most favorite thing in the world to do is jump.

ok, so maaayyybe 'jump' is a generous term, as the moose's feet don't actually leave the ground. but don't tell him that. he thinks he's jumping.

of COURSE this has created a new passion for all things leaping with Boogie. she CLAIMS she's helping to teach danny how to jump, but I think she's looking to put me out of commission. if she's not lining things up on the ground to jump OVER... then she's typically climbing to new heights to perform her very own Jimmy "the Superfly" Snuka off the couch or bed or chair or... you get the idea.

seriously people.. my worry-wart heart can't handle this shit.

Ask my brother's RIBS what happened when *I* used to Snuka on HIS ass when we were kids.

I mean... Danny's solid... but Rhena... she's BONEY!!! and bones BREAK.

so to be a little pro-active with the what can only be a ticking time bomb... I mean.. Rhena's jumping..... I'm trying to set aside a part of our day when we get our jump on.

any good suggestions for jumping songs? clearly we have used Van Halen and House of Pain. I THINK I have some old club music kicking around with lyrics claiming to "jump jump.. a little higher.. jump jump.. til you get tired" (NO idea what song that is, btw??) ****

but yeah. suggestions for a jump track are welcome. ESPECIALLY if it's not on the Lion King or Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat soundtracks.


edited to add: **** JUNGLE BROTHERS! of course!!! song is "I'll House You". This was a staple song throughout many of my teen years, so it's no wonder the lyrics were creaking around in my noggin. aaaaah.. good times!


Susie said...

Liam used to "jump" like Danny. He now jumps like Rhena. All the freaking time! Allways looking for things to jump off. Don't the Pointer Sisters have a Jump song? There's a Ralph's World (kid music) song called Dance Around where they jump around as well. It's cute not too saccharine. Liam's fav Footloose is a good jumper. *MY* favs Bon Jovi have a song called Bounce. How about U2's Vertigo? Crocodile Rock? What was that one "Criss Cross will make you Jump! Jump! Daddy Mac will make ya Jump! Jump uh huh uh huh"? They were the kids that wore their pants backwards.

You could always do the Hokey Pokey.


Anonymous said...

What about Shout? You know, the song they sing in Animal House at the toga party? It doesn't say jumb, but it does have a beat that is condusive to jumping.

Jackson does a similar version to Danny's (no feet off the ground) but he calls it hopping. And says "hop hop hop" the whole time.


Katy said...

Do you have the Bee Hop game? That would totally get her jump on.

Marianna said...

I LOVED Jimmy the Superfly Snuka!


Jodes said...

here we put on totally inappropriate music for a dance party. as long as the beat is good, i think you can decree it a good jumping song. i mean, it's not like your kid will wind up singing 'rehab' and shaking his finger to the 'no, no, no' part. oh wait, that's MY kid. i'm sure your kids are not listening to songs about their troubling addictions because you are a good mother! :) but seriously. 'yellow submarine' is a fav here. how about 'love shack?' also, if you skip the songs with the outright cursing lyrics green day's last album has some great booty shaking songs. also some good bruce-thunder road, rosita, etc. you know, we need pics of the jump party!

Liza said...

I was just thinking about jumping yesterday. I was wondering if jumping jacks would make the baby come out. Then i realized that it has been years since i've jumped, i mean really jumped. I don't know if I still know how to jump without falling down!