Wednesday, May 31, 2006


so today's the last day of may! wow. I can't believe tomorrow is june already.

I'm nowhere even NEAR ready to begin a new template for june. all I keep thinking about are the italian ices in our freezer downstairs cause it's hot as fresh shit outside. blah!

I have some 'corny' pictures to upload.... maybe I'll do that later. (we gave Rhena corn on the cob this weekend, and she just went bugnuts eating it. pure comedy, and of course.. because I'm biased... cute as hell.)

speaking of comedy--- Last comic standing started up again I see. I enjoy that show. I watched a good chunk of it last night in between being pissed off at different blogs that have been getting hate-posters. I just don't get it. if you read something you don't like on someone's blog... why do you have to make a point of telling that person how they offended you? I mean, I imagine there are some cases where any normal person would feel compelled to object to certain writings... but on the little shit that is just a person speaking their mind... what's the point?

it's almost as if let's say, I make a lot of comments about Mariah Carey being a sleezy fat buffet-raiding hoebag... if you don't agree with me, that's fabulous!!! if you think I'm being mean to the (overpaid bitchy slut of a whore) pop-star, and it makes me a bad person for doing so... what good is it for you to tell me to leave poor poor (outlandishly obnoxious behavior for someone who mostly sounds like a dolphin when she sings or a truck stop chain smoker when she speaks) Mariah alone? Hearing from some random person defending the civil rights of (which by the way when you go out in public dressed the way she does, it just screams for someone to make a comment) a person they don't even personally know just really fuels my fire to do it all the more.

or if someone wants to move somewhere... why does it become public debate?

I dunno. I don't mind when people disagree with me. in fact, most times I welcome the difference of opinions. but when those different opinions turn into mean words that lay blame and start claiming rights and wrongs.... I just have to wonder what good that does.

oh well. my thoughts are all over the place right now. Maybe I was just looking for a good way to sneak in some mariah-bashing, and I tried to guise it as some deep thought. I'm thinking so, cause once I got in my fair share of bashing, I kinda ran out of steam on whatever point I was trying to make.

and maybe that's the ticket, you know? if everyone just took a few minutes a day to rip on Mariah, there'd be less fighting? I know I sure feel better! well, except for still wanting the italian ice. best get on that before I keep typing more dribble.


Anonymous said...

I guess I am not important enough to get hate comments.



gina said...

oh oh i missed the blog drama. i hate it when it happens but i love a good fight.

greekchickie said...

Blog drama sucks.

Hey, Mariah was on Regis & Kelly yesterday. I was at work, so I missed it, but I thought about you & giggled.

I watched some of that Last Comic Standing. Pretty good stuff!


Wethyb said...

Amen sista.....what's the point of a blog if you can't say whatever the sam-hell you wanna say?? I just don't get it.

Can't wait to see the "corny" pictures :)

Jewl said...

Ahhhh, I needed a good Mariah fix. Thanks, nothing else starts the day in a better way...
Not sure what drama you are talking about. I agree with Beth...

Liza said...

mariah is a whore. a slutty shitbagging stinky bitchass c*nting whore.