Friday, May 19, 2006

better mood

(FYI... this is NOT an update to the Bowel Crisis 2006.... unfortunately, my colon is still full of rock-hard pebbly shit, and is not making any overtures of a grand exit any time soon. Though thanks for the suggestions. I'm thinking of hitting up Starbucks for a double espresso prune latte??)

This post is actually about me getting out of the funk I've been in.

You may not know this, but I've been in a piss-poor mood this week. Rotten. Spoiled. just plain FUGLY.

I attribute it to hormones, to Troy being gone, to having a way-lame mother's day, and just a shit week on top of it. I can't shit, I've been crampy, and I've been trying to clean my house and paint and get shit done before troy gets home, but by the time Rhena goes to bed, I'm too tired to do too much, and damn all those season finales that are JUST so much more interesting than scrubbing my floors! (and while I'm at it... can I get a HOO-fucking-RAY that DENNY is now finally DEAD???)

ok. so me. pissy.

but today I'm better.

Today Troy comes home, and he's bringing with him some sort of surprise for me. He told me what STORE he bought the presents in, but not what all he got me. Not the same as a box of See's candies.. but I'm thinking they'll be better for my figure, anyway.

so knowing that there's an end in sight to the single-parent days... I'm in a better mood. YES... he'll have to go back for probably another THREE weeks next time... but the point is that he's on his way home today.

And really... other than the standard inability to take a good crap... what do I have to bitch about? some women have their husbands gone for MONTHS at a time.

and BOOGIE! I have BOOGIE! We went to a local farm the other day and picked strawberries... and while I have to say that the day itself was fun, and the berries were delicious... NOTHING makes me smile more than looking at some of the pictures I took that day.

so my dear readers... on this fabulous friday... I inform you that I am hereby removing the stick from my ass. I ALSO hope to soon be removing the SHIT from my ass... but for now... stickage is gone.

If you have a stick troubling you or know someone with a stick problem... might I suggest you direct them to the pictures below??? They really work wonders.

Happy friday, Gang!

on our way!

that's a LOT of strawberries to pick!

my own little strawberry shortcake

footloose and fancy free

not bad for an hour's work with a 1 1/2 year old!


Porq said...

Hey, you know your kid is a POO-POO Head!!!!

Great shots and thanks to yer bro, I'm not there for the race this week-end!!

It's gonna rain anyway!!


Anonymous said...

She is so CUTE!

Things will get better girl.


momxtwo said...

You should try drinking some prune juice. I had that problem once and after one can of it I was back to normal.

I am going to pray for you today. I'm sorry you are in a funk. Things will get better. Cheer up and know your blogger friends are here for you!!

Angela said...

The pictures are precious!

I am sorry you have been in such a funk lately. Not fun. I am glad that Troy is coming home, especially with gifts!

Have a fabulous weekend!

Laina said...

DQ does it for me everytime (I was just kidding about the Spam). But I understand if you're too let down by the Golden Arches experience to try any more fast food remedies. :D

BTW, Rhena is SO freaking adorable!!

Laina said...


But the important part of it was...RHENA IS SO CUTE!!

Laina said...

Or...maybe it didn't. Doh.

Wethyb said...

I love those pics! Too cute!

Your mood sounds a lot like mine this week! Let's go get some drinks!!!!!

Hope things get better with Troy coming home!

Jewl said...

She is just a DOLL!! Glad you got your stick out of your ass, too bad nothing else will come out. Hehe...
I know how you feel about the hubby being gone, it sucks. I went crazy while mine was away. There is just WAY to much stuff to do and not nearly enough time. I am not looking forward to the next deployment...
If I were you I would go for something different at Starbucks, Prune Espresso sounds a bit disgusting... I would also leave the Boogie with Troy once he gets settled and get a Pedi...Put your feet up and relax, you deserve it... believe me, I know!! :)

just susie said...

Hmmm poop tricks - how about decaf coffee? i know you don't like to get jacked up on caffeine but maybe some decaf would help? OR eat a couple apples? Frosted Mini Wheats gets me on the can within an HOUR.

I'm glad you man is coming home. Bearing gifts for the love of God! He better or I'll ship a can of whoop ass down there.

MWAH! (Oh and I already told you this, but your daughter is a delicate flower!)

bridget said...

OK, Rhena is soo adorable! The hat and shirt are just too cute!

I suggest a bran muffin and a cup of coffee. ;)

Glad that Troy gets home today and I'm sure the gifts will be fabulous! Even if it's not See's!

Have a good weekend!

greekchickie said...

I know I sound like a broken record, but your daughter is just the sweetest thing!

Good luck on the poo situation. Ugh.


Laura said...

Oh. My. God. I love the matching hat!!!!! And the sandals!!
See, you're such a good mom, dressing your girly girl in such a cute ensemble!!!
I love it!

As for poo? Fruit snacks.

CheekyMoo said...

Oh I just want to squeeze her. She gets prettier and prettier by the minute. I hope it all comes out ok!

Liza said...

ah the rhena pics are way too cute!! she has such a contagious grin.