Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Here we go again

... or should I say there HE goes again....

Troy is off for another few days. It is now 5:18am, and I just gave him a kiss goodbye as he's heading to the airport. (yes.. he's driving himself... there's no way rhena and I were going to become functional this early to drive him to the airport.)

He's off to miami to meet up with the boss from the new(old) job. Oh? didn't I tell you? yeah... he quit the new job that caused him to be gone 2 weeks, and is back at the old place. the good news is that he ended up getting a raise by coming back, and I got a shitload of household labor-type tasks done when he was gone.

I think he's hoping I'll mow the lawn again.... the 'timing' of these trips seems to be right on the money with when the green monster in the back needs to be tamed. just kidding, mom and dad.... he just mowed on friday, and will be back this thursday... I will NOT be mowing the lawn during this trip.

yesterday, or I guess I should say over the weekend, we had a nice memorial day. Sunday troy and I spent a good deal of time reflecting on all of the men and women who have served in our nation's military. We spoke of what a mind-fuck serving can be, and how depending on the time and branch that you serve, you may never be the same person again after leaving.

I'm thankful for the marine I married, and thankful for my Dad, who also did his time for Uncle Sam. I appreciate everyone through the years that have sacrificed either part or all of their lives so that I may sleep easy tonight as an American citizen. I also respect all of the families and loved ones that stood by their soldiers' decisions to serve. You know the saying that it takes a village, right? well... for all the brothers, sisters, wives, husbands, mothers, fathers, sons, daughters and friends who selflessly chose to support their soldier instead of saying "no... don't do it" ... thank YOU also for helping make the wheel go round.

So yesterday, today, and everyday.... we here at the Fever say you are NOT forgotten. Past and present, and especially for the future... you are appreciated and respected. I know I sure as hell salute you. OOOOO-RAH!


Porq said...

Thanks for the thought! Yesterday at 6 AM the guns saluted from OLV cemetery and I went out on to the deck to listen to TAPS. I snapped to attention and threw a salute to the hill. God bless those guys!!

Now the fun begins to hear about the contract for next year. Some people are undecided one way and decided another. AND YOU THOUGHT IT WAS GONNA BE EASY!!

Thank God for COPE JUICE!!!


Oh yeah, Ilove you poo-poo head!!

greekchickie said...

Wow! I'm glad he got a raise with his old job back! Sometimes it helps to make a stink, eh?

I have to mow tonite when I get home. Ugh. My most hated task...


Liza said...

great post! glad you had a nice weekend and yay for not mowing the lawn!! now if only the pistons would actually win a game.

Angela said...

Wow- a new old job! Whatever makes Troy happy and is best for your family!!!

Jamie is out of town too- if only we lived closer!!!

Kelli said...

Never a dull moment with you, Carrie! Hope Troy's move is a great one!

Wethyb said...

Thanks for the vodka idea...LOL...I may just be able to get that in my water bottle and no one would be none the wiser :) ha ha!

That's awesome about the raise!!!! Now you can go shopping more :)

Jewl said...

OhhhRahhh to you too... from one Marine Wife to another.