Tuesday, May 23, 2006


you ever have one of those days/weeks where you have a ton of shit going on, but when people ask you what you've been up today, you kinda blank out and tell them nothing much?

I mean.. I KNOW I've been doing shit... just seems like it's pretty uneventful stuff. you know... stuff like killing fireants, paying bills, cleaning. boring, everyday kind of stuff that fills up the day but leaves you sorta empty?

I imagine there's some celebrity out there that needs a good ass slap... or at least a nice dose of smack talk from yours truly... but again... I got nothin.

I DID, however, finally figure out what the prizes for Cze-Bingo will be... so I can finally begin to do that. Originally I was going to make a CD of some sorts... but alas.. I knew I needed something grander. something a little more... STUPID. if I can get my materials this week, I'll be sending them out early next week.

well, Troy's about to head off to work, so I'm going to be a good wifey and make him a latte. I just can't resist being nice to him when he's got a dress shirt and slacks on.

peace out!


gina said...

yes i understand your feeling "empty" when someone asks what you have been doing. cleaning and taking the car to get vacuumed out just doesnt cut it most times. lol.

good wife! make your man coffee!
have a good day

Liza said...

i hear ya on the being busy but still feeling like you just arent doign anything when people ask lol. it's easier to just give a short answer than to explain the crap LOL

Jewl said...

I have the same problem, I have been busy but nothing to Blog about... The only exciting thing going on in my life right now is the never ending story of laundry. :(