Sunday, May 07, 2006

Party Time!

Whe-hooo... Troy's gone.... gonna have a parrrrrrrty!

Just kidding, though we *ARE* going to my neighbor's kid's first birthday party today. I guess that counts for something, right?

Anyho... Boogs and I are on our own for the next two weeks. I'm a little bummed, of course, cause I actually LIKE troy, so he will definitely be missed. I'm more sad thinking about how much HE's going to miss Rhena, though... She's entered into this little time warp of change lately. I mean... this kid wakes up from a nap, and she's doing some crazy new trick. She's still not saying very many words, but she's really begun to TRY to say words. For example.. when we say "CORN", she says "caaah".... still not quite there yet, but I feel we're on the verge of a verbal breakthrough.

I know some of you are all "don't worry, it'll happen"... but you have to understand... this is MY KID. if you have ANY clue about me, it's a given that I talk. A LOT. I mean A LOT, A LOT. so to have rhena be so content to imitate Pebbles Flintstone... it makes me wonder. Granted, I know in her way she's talking, but ask my mom and she'll tell you I was talking at an insanely early age. (go figure, right?) But all that doesn't matter. I think she's on the verge of saying real words... and more importantly, she's healthy and happy. life is good.

Yesterday was my class' first Holy Communion. I was so proud of them... they were so cute in their little dresses and suits!!! One of my boys had on this white suit. He's a little on the chubby side, so it was just adorable to see him all pimped out in white. TOTALLY looking like a little Don Corleone if there was ever one. But the kids did great. they remembered to bow and to do the sign of the cross, and well.. they done good. Tomorrow night is our last class together, and while I'm looking forward to the summer break, I will definitely miss the little shits. It was a GREAT experience to be with these kids this year, and my partner and I have decided to team up again and teach next year. so look forward to more Church Lady! hah!

speaking of Church lady... by request... here's the outfit I wore.

Annnd, since Rhena's napping and my tea is still hot (wild and crazy livin la vida bachelorette... I know) here's a pic of the Boog. We went to the park yesterday for more of that "family time", and I snapped a few of the fun. Gotta love slide static. classic.

and on a final note... Friday was more than a fiesta for two of my friends.... Two girls from my mom group had their babies... so congrats to Maria, who delivered Rachel... and congrats to Jessica... who brought Bella into the world! may health and happiness be with them through their lives!



greekchickie said...

Maria from blogland, Maria? That Maria? It's about time for her to be due, right???

I like your new shirt! Looks really good on you, girlie!


Anonymous said...

How cute!

Does her dress say something on the front?

Man if I didn't have such a full schedule and Charlotte was a bit closer, I would so come up for a visit to help you pass the time!

Christi said...

Wanna hear something really cool? My mom-in-law took my youngin's away till Tues. My hubby works closes tonight and last night. I slept till, get this...1:30pm today! I still don't know how I did it! I know I should be packing and getting ready to move, but I'm so drawn to sit and read a book with my alone time. It's raining and nasty outside, so I think it's called for, right?

Don't have too much fun w/o hubby! I know how you moms and their daughters can be!

momxtwo said...

Back in 2000 my husband went to Kansas for some schooling for his job. He was gone for 16 weeks. I was a mess without him. He came home 2 times in the 16 wks. My older son was 8 then and it was pretty hard on him. He got up for school one morning and cried for his daddy. I had to call my husband right then so he could speak to him and then he went to school fine. My parents had just moved into the apartment complex we lived in so I wasn't totally alone. It still felt that way at night. I didn't like being in the house by myself. I still don't to this day.

I love your outfit. Looks great!

just susie said...

I'm here for you momma whenever you get lonely. But I know on Wisteria Lane, Bree will be by any moment with a basket of muffins and time for coffee.

And both Cze-Johnson girls look GORGEOUS in their First Communion best. And the shoes are very cute!


Angela said...

Great pictures! I love the static hair!

If you get bored, give me a call!

Bridget said...

Hey Carrie!

Rhena's such a doll!

You're looking pretty cute too. ;)

Make sure that Troy brings you home some See's chocolates from Portland, yummmy!

Laura said...

I think maybe they should keep an AED velcroed to those slides..there's enough static electricity built up in there to interrupt the heart, I'm sure. Or send us careening through a time warp or something.