Thursday, May 11, 2006

To Be Fair

well, yesterday was interesting. I enjoyed taking the time to think about each of my commenters.. and while I may not have come up with anything too profound... it was a good exercise for me to really take stock of my friends and family.

To be fair today.. I have decided that I will answer all of the questions I asked of my commenters yesterday. some of the questions were deep.. some not as much. But once again.. the brain being on the soggy side today.. it gives me something to write about.

Before I go on, though... I must call special attention to the fact that TROY... my HUSBAND... actually visited my blog last night!!!

Yes... in the nearly TWO YEARS I've been keeping this thing... last night was his first unsolicited visit and comments. Of COURSE, his first comment was gay in a he-thinks-he's-Randy-Jackson kind of way... but hey... That's my baby, and I love him.

ok... so on with answering the questions I asked of everyone else:

I asked Jenni: If money were no object... what would you do as a career?

I think in part I'm doing it right now. It's taken me 2 years (almost) to come to terms with being a stay at home mom, but I'm definitely becoming more comfortable in this role, and have begun to value what I do around here.

But other than that... I would definitely do event planning. I'm thinking more on the wedding/parties kind of thing, but hey... if someone wanted me to plan an awards dinner, I'd do that too. someday. maybe. if it's still what I want to do when it's time for me to do it.

I asked Ferg: What's one thing you could change about your life?

She actually took my answer, sort of. if there's one thing I could change.. it would be that my Gramma Czernikowski was alive long enough to meet Troy. I'd say Rhena, too, but I don't want to get greedy. Gram always wanted me to settle down with a nice man, and although Troy isn't Polish... I know she would have been so happy for me to have found him. I'm sure her soul knows my happiness now, but that would have been nice to have her at least meet the man who is everything I want out of a partner in life.

I asked Derek: Dude... what was UP with that whole Harry-Krishna episode?

You know how we all have phases in our lives where we're searching for answers? It wasn't so much WHERE my brother was looking for answers , as I was upset and worried that he was that unsettled. I've said before how much I love my brother. His innate ability to shit in cheerios and everything... he truly is a part of me, and it hurts me when he hurts. Granted, he's also pretty stoic, so I wouldn't know when something's bugging him unless he wanted me to know.. so I guess I'll 'answer' this question by letting him know that I DO want to know. cause I do care. and that's enough about that.

I asked my Dad: What is one thing you wish you told Gram and Granpa before they died?

I could easily answer this question in regards to my grandparents... but I was asking my father in terms of what he regrets not telling HIS PARENTS. This is a difficult question for me to answer, as both of my parents are still alive. Without a doubt, I try to make it a point to not let things go unsaid... but just in case I haven't said it enough, or lately or at all...

Mom and Dad... I want to be just like you when I grow up, and I can only hope my children see me in the same eyes as I see you both.

I asked Jody: If you could land the dream role... what would it be, and would it be theater or big screen?

Well, the last acting class I had was in 9th grade, so I'm a BIT out of my league here. I've also never had a dance class in my life, but for me? without a doubt, I would SO be Clara in The Nutcracker. definitely on stage, too.

I asked Kelli : When all is said and done... what is the ONE trait about yourself that you hope Kendal will also possess?

Well.. it'd be silly for me to answer in terms of Kendal.. being that she's Kelli's daughter... though I DO love how Kelli responded. For me.. in terms of Rhena... I would hope that she will always be able to see the goodness in our world. Too many people see only the bad and ugly in our world, and every day, in every person, I see SO MUCH goodness. I *DO* believe in hope, and I'm firmly convinced there are enough good souls in our world to keep things running... I just pray that Rhena will be able to find the goodness, too.

I asked Greek Chickie: What is stopping you from your dreams?

My answer to this question for me is most definitely myself. I know I hold the key to actually figuring out what my dreams are, and then the drive to go about achieving them. Right now in my life, I am VERY CONTENT. and sure, a bundle of money can make me happy as a pig in shit... it won't do much by ways of answering any dreams I may or may not have. For now, my dream is to be happy and balanced in life, and I'm working on it. I definitely feel I'm on my way there.

I asked Bridget: Where would you want the next 'reunion' to be, if it means you would be there?

This is, of course.. in regards to my mom's group. Our first and last 'big' meeting was in Chicago... and Bridget was unable to attend. If I'm being perfectly honest... Chicago was fine because it was centrally located, but I am not interested in doing a tourist city with these girls again. There was talk of vegas, and I'm SO not interested in vegas. not with these girls. Vegas is the most fake, obnoxious, get drunk and party place I have ever been. These women are very REAL women, who deal and help each other cope with everyday issues. I really don't see myself 'clubbing' with them.

I dunno. it's hard to explain. I guess I'm just thinking that if I'm going to go somewhere to be with them, I'd like for it to be in their natural environment so i can get to know them better.... not in some destination place. ummm.. still not coming out right. ok. how's this.

When traveling with someone I already know really well, I feel more inclined to allow myself to absorb the place I'm visiting. When traveling with someone I may have only virtually met, I would prefer to take that time together to get to know that person better. While the trip to Chicago gave me a few opportunities to get to know the girls a little better, I'm disappointed with the lack of quality time I felt I had with each of these amazing women. But maybe that's what happens when you have big groups like that. I've never been one to run in large packs, so who knows.


SO that was it. Troy, as I said earlier... left a comment last night, so I suppose I could do 'his'.

1. He NEVER ceases to amaze me. Every time I think I have him figured out, he manages to surprise me. He truly makes me feel like the most special woman in the world.

2. "If" as sung by Jane Monheit

3. "There is no fear in love; but perfect love casteth out fear." -- John 4:18

4. When are you coming home, baby? XXOO

ok.... that's all for me today, gang. have a good one!


Elvis said...

Kid - as you may know - I posted a quick response to your queries on my blog.

Nothing too big - but I figure I can entertain the same if folks are interested.

Jenni said...

carrie, so is Arkansas boring enough to meet in???? LOL! I assure you we would have AMPLE time to sit around and get to know each other....

bridget said...

Carrie, ok first of all you rock sister friend! Thanks for just being you! Not like I forgot, but reading your recent posts have just reminded me lately...

To answer your question, I really like the idea of meeting close to or in someone's home town too. Of course I'd love to show you all Portland and all, even though I don't actually live there. I did for 5 years and am only an hour and a half away now, and I think it's a pretty cool place.

And I have thought about another reunion being at Disneyland where we bring all the kids, but maybe's that's a little ways down the road yet... Let them get old enough to really have some fun and keep us running non-stop! ;)

Ok, gotta go get some lunch into my little squirt.

Love ya!

Wethyb said...

Awww, you and your hubby are so cute! Hope he comes home soon!