Friday, May 12, 2006

Random Poop

I say random, cause my thoughts this morning really are. I say poop, cause I have to. (just in case you wanted to know)

Today we're off to get boogie's hair cut. I think it's high time we saw her eyes again.

gotta go to the post office.

Troy scared the SHIT out of me last night when he called at 12:59 to discuss the season finale of the office. except he didn't really scare the shit OUT of me. (see first sentence) The time zone thing threw me for a loop, though, and I freaked out with the late night jingle.

I dreamt last night (and actually WOKE UP because of it) that my character in Urban Dead was under attack by a group of zombies. I *almost* came downstairs to login and check things out. ALMOST. apparently my bed is too comfotable for even zombies.

why is it that I get a limit increase on my credit card the day AFTER most websites offer free express upgrades on mother's day gifts? I'm not even going to discuss how much I just spent so shit can get to my and troy's mom on time. the good news is that what we got them from rhena was on sale, so it's kinda like we bought it last week and had it shipped regularly. kinda.

The office??? my jaw is still hanging. good episode.

tonight is bath night. for rhena.. not me. that's about how deep the excitement rolls in these parts.

I still need to take a crap, so I guess since rhena's starting to wake up, I'll get her and have some coffee. nothing says gimmee clean pipes like a good ole cup o' joe.

-- have a great day, gang! it's friday! whe-hoo! get your bath on!


momxtwo said...

I saw The Office last night. I don't watch that show but the ending was so interesting when I was flipping that I stopped and watched it.

Have a good one!!

Porq said...

Post the new pictures of the HAIRCUT, tears and all, so yer Ma can see 'em.


I feel like a traitor.. I think I found a new pizza joint in Hometown USA. Super Dough.. sauce=ehhh.. not bad, cheese = adequate. The dough was REALLY GOOD. How can I stop going to ENZO'S?????

Anonymous said...

I have never watched The Office but I have heard good things about it.

You know, people are FUHREAKING out about Chris being voted off?

Did you hear that the governor even made a statement saying that he was disappointed?


It was the glasses I tell you.

Liza said...

omg the office was sooo frickin awesome last night!!!!!! i cried i was so happy LMFAO!!!

Kelli said...

WHOA. Slow down there party girl. BATHS on a Friday night?? You wild woman, you.

greekchickie said...

Do you watch ER too? OMG that show is surreal!


Katy said...

Best of luck with the crapping. :)

Bridget said...

Hope the bath and the poop go well! ;)

Oh, and the haircut too!

Have a good weekend!

Laina said...

Dairy products usually help me when I have that, uh, problem. So have some ice cream--it's medicinal! :D

Elvis said...

This is human nature at its best. The Kid posts all kinds of sentimental stuff and she gets a few comments. She calls out how she needs to unleash the Brown Bowl Serpent and all kinds of folks are clicking away.
Present company included, of course. I can totally respect the awesome draw power of the potty.
God Bless the American Standard slip cast technique.

just susie said...

How'd the poop go?

I was crying and slapping the shit outta Dan's arm at the end of The Office! Ohhhh it was soooooo good!

Look for me online! I miss you! MWAH!