Tuesday, May 02, 2006

The News

so I was watching the news last night. They were showing coverage from around the nation regarding yesterday's demonstrations and rallies regarding the immigration laws.

Ok... those people all wore white shirts... mexico boycotted american products (which I honestly still don't understand... cause you know.. everyone wants to move here, but apparently the USA sucks?) blahbitty blah... all different little snippits and clips and related features.

Now... I'm not going to go touting my opinions on the whole immigration thing, because I really am pretty middle-of-the-road with this. I definitely feel that our country was founded on being the land of opportunity and home of the free... but I certainly don't believe that shit SHOULD be free here. Yes. come to America. work your ass off. make a good living, make a new start for yourself... and to the people who are trying to do that... rock the fuck on. What I DO disagree with are people coming into this country (whether through our borders or through birth) and assuming that because they are here, their lives will be subsidized by the rest of the working public. And I disagree with employers hiring cheap labor because they can pay their hires under the table and avoid taxes thus cutting their bottom dollar, thus increasing their profits.

Anyways... if you want to be here, then cool. get a job and try to survive.... just like the rest of us have been doing for the past several hundred years. If you're an employer... stop trying to buck the system. Yes, we're happy that our dinners and lawns and clothing can be purchased for just slightly less dollars than down the street from corporation emporium... but let's face it.. the only ones really profiting here are those employers.... and when it comes time to draw social security, am I really going to remember saving $5 a month on landscaping?

anyways... it's a complex subject to say the least. However... back to my reason for posting... in the spirit of yesterday's demonstrations etc... our local news channel showed a segment on Sham Marriages. Their intent was to talk about marriages formed for the sake of obtaining money in reward for marrying someone so they may obtain a green card. Ok, I get it... topic is immigration shit, so they're running the piece on green card marriages.

Well the shit of it is that somewhere after about 5 minutes, they totally went astray, talking about how the federal government can investigate any marriage they believe to be fraudulent. Let me tell you kiddies.. this shit REALLY got me thinking. I mean... they're saying how if the feds have suspicion that the marriage was formed for reasons other than traditional, they can investigate. Now being a human of SOMEWHAT reasonable intelligence, I'm going to assume they were REFERRING to insurance scams, and green card workings, and I imagine a slew of other no-nos. However, they didn't say that, and they kept referring to non-love-based marriages throughout the rest of the segment.

So I ask my dear federal government and its fine investigators... how's the case coming with Tom and Katie?? I mean Kate??? Surely the attempt to sway hollywood ratings must be considered fraudulent? AT the VERY least... can you send some of your X-Files dudes in to check on shit???? God knows WHAT kind of intergalactic crap is going on in THAT house.

And speaking of FEDS.... SOMEBODY tell me that if sham marriages are illegal, then our dear fertile friends, the Federlines are due for a lock-up soon??? please? anybody? Shams? anyone??

Anyways... I'm convinced the news is just stupid sometimes. The way they try to sensationalize every damned little thing. You'd think they could have spent that 10 minute segment a little better by at least telling everyone that today is Greek Chickie's BIRTHDAY.

oh well.. they didn't, so I am. go wish her a happy birthday, and have yourself a sham-free day. after all.. the feds could be watching!


Anonymous said...

You know what?
That whole thing is a big lie.

My sister in law is married to a Mexican. They have 2 children together.
He STILL has to fill out guest worker papers every.single.year.
and pay $900-1000 bucks to do it.

So no, news crew, you do not get to become a citizen just because you marry one.
And at least they are DOCUMENTED.
Why arent they out trying to find some of the ILLEGAL immigrants and report on them?

Just wait till someone blows up a couple thousand Americans on behalf of Osama and they made their way through Mexico to America.
It's gonna happen.

You will see a wall go up so fast it will make your head spin!

I just get a kick out of the demands this group that organized the march yesterday are making.

What gives them the right to "demand" anything of me?

My husband works 80 hour weeks and pays HELLA taxes and we have to buy our own insurance and dental insurance!
Then the other day at the dentist's office there was a Mexican woman with her kids and medicaid card but she spoke NO english at all.
It was weird for me.

I had to pray for myself to have compassion and understanding.
Especially when that bank draft for the dental insurance comes out!

Laina said...

Carrie, LMAO about TomKat and the whole Britney/K-Fed sham marriage theory. And thanks for playing TST this week. :D

Anonymous said...

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greekchickie said...

HAHAH! Thank YOUUUUU love!!! You're too sweet!

As a former LEGAL immigrant (we came over when I was 3 ~ my parents had work visas), I think people need to come over LEGALLY & also ADAPT to the language. Not vice-versa. We adapted. We had to ~ or we wouldn't survive.


just susie said...

Yeah how dare they try to get us to pay for their welfare when there are so many other born-in-America that we need to support. Hey at least if they are paid under the table, they are spending the money here. Not like all the jobs going to places like India and the money stays there.

Good thing Ryan Seacrest hasn't married Teri Hatcher (yet?) - or they'd be ALL OVER that shit.

Wethyb said...

I don't really give a shit, to be honest...LOL...and don't even get me started on that TomKat BS....what a wad of crap! I can't stand that guy!

gina said...

all i know is that wes' restaurant had a strike yesterday of the mexican cooks. it SUCKED for wes- he had to cook all day. the mexicans work harder than the americans there! we are glad they are here. bring em on.