Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Hoo-dee-hoo, let's go to The Zoo

No... I'm not trying to imitate Dr Suess or anything... just letting y'all know that tomorrow, the Johnsons are going to the zoo.

by choice.

I know, I know... me... live animals.... live animal SHIT everywhere... doesn't really add up. HOWEVER.... Troy's leaving in a few days, and I'm hell-bent on us doing something "FAMILY-ORIENTED". you know. together. as a FAMILY.

I'd much rather go to the aquarium, but the closest is in like Myrtle Beach, which is like 3 hours away. (all other NC aquariums are near the outer banks, which is 4-6 hrs away... I think.)

so today, we enjoyed some together time at home depot and Lowe's, where we looked at paint. and lighting fixtures. and weed wackers. and bricks. Good wholesome fun, I tell you!

Afterwards, we went for ice cream, which was very much needed by EVERYONE. Right now, Boogie's taking a nap, and I'm thinking about how I don't feel like cooking dinner. actually, I'm thinking Subway sounds just about right... it's got that perfect blend of lunch meat and blandness (with salt and mayo, of course) that I think hits the spot on a hot day like today.

so there you have it!

I bought an outfit (pants and shirt) at target yesterday... including shoes. They're PINK! but hooray! new shoes! (No... I'm not going to wear them to the zoo tomorrow.) I got them so I look 'purty' for my kids' first Communion this Saturday. That's right... my little shits in my CCD class are making their first Communion. I'm really excited for them... they're going to look adorable in their little dresses and suits! Makes me even more excited to think that NEXT year, my very own Godchild, Dara, will be making HER first Communion. seriously. it feels like just the other day I was dripping snot on her from being so choked up with love on her Baptism.

well... it sounds like the boogster is stirring, and subway is a'calling.

Have a great day everyone... I'll catch you when we return (hopefully unscathed) from the zoo! Viva la vida Family!


CheekyMoo said...

Have fun at the zoo! I know you will be happy when I tell you I approve of the shoes, shirt, and pants. Not the snot though, so fix that. Thanks! ;-)

just susie said...

Nice kicky shoes! Have fun at the zoo! Hope the Subway hits the right spot! :) MUAH!

just susie said...

Oh the rest of the outfit is cute too! I love you in pink!

just susie said...

Shit one more because I'm a psycho! How about a picture in the outfit? Love love!

greekchickie said...

Yay for the outfit! Even if it is pink! LOL

I like the zoo... but not the smell. Have fun anyway!


Pieces of Me said...

Oh can I come too??? How fun!! I just wanted to tell you thank you so much for going through this pregnancy with is always nice to see your comments!!! Talk to you soon...mwah!

Bridget said...

Cute outfit!

Have fun at the zoo!

gina said...

i bought a shirt at target yesterday too.... only mine was 12.99, short sleeve, smocky-lacy and aqua. cute outfit you got there, sister.