Thursday, May 25, 2006

Out and About

so today boogie and I went downtown for some culture. Last spring I got into the habit of trying to check out culture-like shit here in Charlotte, so I thought it was time to kick that back into gear again.

Last week, we had our strawberry outing (which, by the way... one of the pictures I took from that day was featured in today's newspaper... and yes.. we bought 5 copies of the paper, thank you very much!)

anyways.. this week, boogs and I headed to Discovery Place, to check out the Dead Sea Scrolls. we never got to see them when my folks were here for easter, so since the exhibit is in its last few days, I wanted to get off my ass and get down to see them.

it was very cool. The exhibit itself was very informative, and I found it to be highly interesting... not just from a historical and scientifical standpoint, but also from a religious sense of awe. To be in the presence of artifacts so old, and to read some of the translations from these biblical doctrines... well, it was quite moving. Rhena was a peach and very well behaved the entire 3 hours we were at the museum.

I dunno. it's hard to explain how great I feel when I take rhena to an exhibit as rare as the Dead Sea Scrolls. I mean, it's not like I've been scouring museums for rare digs and shit... but I guess all of these little outings I do with her are very cool to me in so many ways. Mostly, because I have the power to share knowledge with her. I know for damn ass sure I don't have all the answers, but I have been able to show her places that DO have answers.

I know I can definitely thank my parents, for when I was a kid, we were ALWAYS going, seeing and doing. museums, day trips, even historical shit while on a summer vacation. I appreciate all those years of exploration... for they must have shaped me into the adventurous person I find myself to be today. And I hope the same for Rhena. that she learns to ask "what else" and seek out all that is available to her.

so anyways... it's late and I'm rambling. today was a good day, though. We got out of the house.. we got some culture... even got a few loads of laundry done. To quote another cultural icon... Col. John "Hannibal" Smith, from the A-team...

"I love it when a plan comes together"...


Porq said...

Just think of the places you could have gone IF your parents LIKED you!!!!


Jewl said...

I am like you, I LOVE going out and showing Em things... I just hope I get to show her everything I want to before she grows up!!

greekchickie said...

Wow, that is so cool! I would have loved to see the Dead Sea Scrolls.

And way cool on the newspaper pic!

She's a doll!


Liza said...

sounds like a good time!! it'd be cool to see :) happy friday and happy memorial day!!

Angela said...

That is great that Rhena was in the paper! How did that happen?

I think it is so cool that you have your "culture outings." You are such a great mom.


Mary said...

Have you ever been to the NC Museum of Art in Raleigh?

There is an exhibit of Jewish items that is very moving.

I also enjoy the Greek mosaic on the floor.

(I was an Art major in college so I love museums too)