Friday, May 05, 2006


ok... I'm posting from my new digs here in troy's office, and I have to say, it's under much protest.

As previously mentioned... he leaves for Portland for 2 weeks this weekend. well luckyu me, not only do I get to go without my husband, but I'm also losing the laptop.




Look... I'm gonna miss troy and everything, but typing from his office BLOWS. He's got this STUPID ergonomic keyboard which I HAAAAATE (confession... I type pretty fast, but I'm a hunt-and-pecker... hee hee hee pecker!) anyways... this ergo shit is slowing me down and cramping my style (AND FINGERS)!!!

none of my links are on this computer, nor are any of my usernames and passwords, so it's like starting all over. in ergonomic hell.

none of my pictures are on this computer, so no zoo pics until I get the laptop back tonight. I DO, however, finally have access to my dad's copies of the Easter pics, so here are a few of the boog. a few weeks late. however, it's about right on time for me.. what with the ergonomic delay and all.

Happy cinco de yo yos, kids. be careful with the tequila, and for God's sake.. take a cab home, ok?

here's some pics.... enjoy!

grand entrance... Easter morning


Perhaps the hat is a squeak too big


Getting shoes on...


Three Times a Lady (Mom was caught off guard.. sorry, Mom!)


And Finally... Cze-Johnson Fever in full effect... Me, Rhena, and Troy


Anonymous said...

Awww you guys look awesome!

I love that picture of Rhena with the hat.

Looks like she is saying "Whattttttt's Up?"

How was the zoo?

We love that place. It's just hella far from here.

Angela said...

Quite a handsome family!

Kisses to all!

just susie said...

love it love it! Gorgeous family!

Maybe Troy's company will provide a laptop and he won't need his for the second 2 week stint?

I understand the office computer from hell issue. In the 3x my laptop has crashed I have had to use the "office" one and none of my favorites or passwords or saved cookies (hee hee hee cookies).

Anyway - hope the zoo was FUN at least. How long did the smell linger in your nostrils after?? Blech!

Christi said...

Ummm, Happy Easter...yeah...Very adorable pics, though.

My parents have the stupid ergonomic keyboards, too. I hate them! It takes forever to use them, and I type the "correct" way. They are such a pain in the arse!

Christi said...

What zoo did you go to?

Wethyb said...

You guys are so adorable! What a beautiful family!!!!

And I just love Rhena's hat!!!! Too cute!

Jenni said...

so precious, Carrie!! I love the green dress. She is just such a doll! And you and Troy clean up pretty well too. ;-)

miss you chickie!!

bridget said...

Cute pics girlie!

Rhena is a doll!

Hope that you had fun at the zoo!

gina said...

gorgeous family!!

Kelli said...

You guys all look gorgeous!!! Beautiful family you have there, Carrie!

momxtwo said...

What a great picture!
Great looking family!

greekchickie said...

Love the pics! You 3 are the sweetest family!

So no laptop for 2 weeks ~ does that mean we will get no blog updates for 2 weeks as well?!?!

AAAACK! The thought!


Sara said...

Aren't you all so cute. :)