Thursday, June 01, 2006

I'm dilated!

oh relax people... I just went to the eye doctor's this morning. and yeah... note to self... bring SUNGLASSES next time you decide to have your eyes checked in the middle of the day without a frigging CLOUD in the sky!!!

let's just say driving home was NOT fun.

oh well... I'm off to possibly buy a bathing suit today. I say possibly, because there's no promises that I won't break down in a crying fit of bodily shame and start throwing up everywhere. I'll be bringing my Twinkie friend... and her boobs are MUCH bigger than mine, so she'll have an even harder time finding something that fits right. (hey-- don't hate me cause I know and exploit the fact that misery loves company!)

to tide you over, here is my child.. eating corn on the cob for the first time. She's really a funny bird to watch in person, cause she just eats the SHIT out of the corn. I mean, really digs in and goes to town. I admire that kind of gusto when it comes to food. she's definitely my kind of girl.

anyways... enjoy:

and just for fun... in action:


susie said...

Love the girl eating her corn. SO CUTE! And good luck with the bathing suit shopping. Better you than me. I'm a cow with NO boobs. At least you have two diversions!

susie said...

ugh I hope that ddn't sound like I was calling you a cow. Cause *I'm* the cow here. You are a delicate flower. :) With big boobs.

Angela said...

What a little chomper you have there! I loved the video! I second the good luck with the bathing suit shopping. My body is not going to be in a suit this summer, even though it is the first time in years I wouldn't have to worry about sucking in my gut! ;-)

greekchickie said...

What a cutie!!! OMG! Man, is she gonna poop some corn out, though! LOL

There's no way in hell my ass is getting into a bathing suit this year.


Laina said...

How cute!! Ugh, bathing suit shopping. I saw some cute ones today. I admired how they'd look on a skinny/tall/unstretchmarked person. Then I put them back on the rack and hurried on my way. :D

Bridget said...

Rhena is too cute with the corn! Way to chomp!

And you, so brave to be looking for a swimsuit. Have fun! ;)

Jodes said...

carrie-o-LOVE the corn pic. tell rhena she's gotta come visit this summer and go to a street fair with us so we can get her some of that corn. on the bathing suit front, may i suggest lands end? perhaps not the world's most stylish but their tankinis rock and hide a multitude of, well, in my case, multitude! and they've got styles with underwires for us big chicks!

gina said...

OMG she is cracking me up eating that corn!!

did you find a suit? uggg we joined the pool and i am in desperate need of another suit. but it might kill me to find a second. guess i'll just wear the same one every day till sept!! HAHA

Anonymous said...


Ok she is WAY too cute!

My kids LOVE corn on the cob too

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