Thursday, June 29, 2006

PAH- rentals

yeah... so that's just my fancy way of saying that the folks are a comin to town!

They're hitting the road this morning; how early, I have no idea... and depending on how crazy my dad makes my mom... they'll either arrive this evening or tomorrow.

I'm hoping the old man doesn't piss her off too much and they can actually make it in one trip; but he does resemble my grandfather in many ways (and when I say that I don't mean he looks and acts dead... I mean he's a shitty... er... not exactly the best.... driver. Downright scary at times, truth be told.... ) so yeah. they may get to virginia and be at the point where someone needs a drink or shit'll get postal.... or they might just might feel the force of Rhena and keep on trucking.

I have a feeling they're going to do it all in one shot... being that 2 days ago, with rhena playing right in front of me, she fell and whacked her nose on the coffee table, resulting in her first major bloody injury. I have a feeling my mom thinks I'm slipping a little.

oh well.. either way; it'll be nice to have them here for the visit. again... provided they actually both make it here.

speaking of miss boogeypants; it sounds as if she's waking up, so that means breakfast time here in the Johnson Manor. plus I ought to do a little more housework so my folks don't think I live like a diva eating bon bons ALL the time. You know... only when my child needs to be watched and noses need protection.

have a great day, gang; I'll check in when I can!


momxtwo said...

My mom can't stand to ride in the car with my dad either. He does a few crazy things at times and she is a nervous wreck. He just recently had cataract surgery on both eyes so maybe this will help him to see better and therefor drive better.
Hope your parents have a safe trip.
Blessing and Peace

JustALittleCheeky said...

That sounds like my kind of road trip! Stopping half way for drinks! You're not slipping, just relaxing. Thanks for the happy birthday!!

Angela said...

Have a great time with the folks!

Kelli said...

Poor Rhena! Kiss that nose for me.
Enjoy your parents!

susie said...

sounds like fun. Be sure to get a date with your husband while there around. And with your twinkie. A girl needs some time!

Christi said...

I want my mommy right now!

greekchickie said...

Have a wonderful visit!


ZuphChic said...

Have a great visit! I'm so jealous... :)

Hänni said...

What's wrong with living like a princess and eating BON BONs ... or organic raisins all day?

Wethyb said...

Have a great time with your parents!! Hope you all have fun!