Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Alive and Kicking

hey all.

thanks for the good vibes for my appointment yesterday. All went well; my 'watches' remain to not be of any concern, and all the new red spots I started noticing are indeed pregnancy related, so no cause for alarm on those either.

while I was there, I also decided to man up and have my lump-of-shit removed.

I'm going to be honest with you... I was scared. They compared the numbing needle to be similar to the kind you get at the dentist, but last I checked.. those bitches HURT!!!

But all is well. the needle hurt no more than when I quickly put my glasses on and accidently jab the lump-o-shit mole behind my ear, and from start to finish, it was probably less than 24 minutes. like for the WHOLE appointment.

Seeing my removed lump-o-shit sitting on the exam tray afterwards really gave me the willies. it looked like some creature; just sitting there... all lumpy and shitty looking. SO GLAD that thing is off of my head!

The doc shoveled up the lump and put it in a crate (test tube) and will have it sent to the lab for tests, just to make sure all is well. but other than that; it's just me, a bandaid and my very flat-non-lump-o-shit-having area of skin behind my ear for the next 8 months. sweet!

as for the kicking; I do believe the one within has begun to kick me. I mean, it's been about 2 years since I last fealt this way when mexican food was not involved... so I'm a bit rusty as to what actual kicks are supposed to feel like, but I think they're happening. so that's pretty cool.

And apparently this thing 2 of mine is a lucky thing. I won a contest over at the Haus!!!! Let's hope this kid can really show me some love and help me win some money at Bunco tonight!

have a great wednesday everyone!


Wethyb said...

Glad you got that thing removed. I'd be scared too!

In case you didn't get my email, my profile name on the other place is wethyb :)

susie said...

Good news on the spots. All of them. That's way gross about the mole sitting on the tray next to you. I kinda threw up in my mouth a little bit. And glad to hear the monster has made contact. Now if only she/he'd stop pushing upward on your stomach and making you wanna barf.

Christi said...

I went to my appt. a while back, around 3 1/2 mos., and my midwife asked me if the baby had been kicking and moving alright! Of course, at this moment, I was trying desperately to think of any moment I'd noticed him move at all...and then the panic mode set in, and I was sure he was dead! I mean, sure, she let me hear his heartbeat, but hey, he didn't kick me, so surely he wasn't able to! Perhaps she should have read my file before asking me questions about stuff that shouldn't have happened yet!

greekchickie said...

I had a mole removed from my bikini line last January. I kept on cutting it when I'd shave.

The shot hurt... but not the removal.


Jewl said...

Those shots hurt!! Anyway, glad baby bean is good!!

momxtwo said...

Will pray all goes well with the lump of _________!

dnyduck said...

Alright miss thing! I have a bone to pick with you! Just because I cannot log on to the computer all that much durning the day anymore, doesn't mean that you couldn't have emailed me about this exciting news!!! Am I so out of our group that you couldn't have told me? I'm hurt!

Okay now that I have got that out of the way....

CONGRATS! OMG! I cannot believe this. You better email all the deatils! I cannot stay on-line much longer to read any more on your blog or go over to the NN site.

Miss ya babe!

Hugs and Kisses all around!


Laura said...

So what if that mole was like the beginnings of a parasitical twin or something? Hehehee...I had a few removed several years ago and I felt the same way. And no, mine weren't parasitical twins, either.
Wow..I really need to get some sleep.
Anyhoo....hope the goes well and congrats on the kicking!!! That is exciting news, sistah!!