Tuesday, June 06, 2006

here goes nothin'

ok. trying out a new template.

hoping it's not going to make everyone's shit crash. I imagine if it does, I'll hear about it soon enough.

if everything's coming up dandy for you, leave me a comment so I know I fixed whatever it was that was causing shit to go bizzarro.



greekchickie said...

All is well! Love the new look. But you posted this blog twice.


Anonymous said...

Looking good baby~!

Hey, get with me on email about that program you were telling me about.

I'm ready to start making my own instead of borrowing other's.


The Life of Bill said...

Carrie-looks good to me, didn't make the computer go into convulsions or anything, but I am seeing the text twice, looks like the same exact post was put up twice.

momxtwo said...

I really like your template. Where did you get it?

susie said...

Still makes my IE Crash, I sent you the error. But in Firefox it's fine. Hey I do what I gotta do to get to my lovah's blog! MWAH!