Thursday, June 22, 2006

weekend recap

ok.. so I know we're actually about to head IN to another weekend... but I thought I'd share a few pics from this past weekend.

as I said earlier, Troy, boogie and I went to myrtle beach, SC for the weekend. it was just for overnight, but we had a good time, and really filled up the days that we were there.

On our list was much swimming (in the pool.. NOT the ocean. apparently Princess Boogercup does NOT like the ocean or sand. AT ALL.) we checked out an area called barefoot landing, which was kind of a boardwalky kind of place with a bunch of shoppes and restaurants located on some lakey area.

we ate, we shopped, we went on the merry-go-round... twice. well... *I* didn't go on it... with my track record of puking, I didn't want to risk it, cause it looked like it was spinning pretty fast.

the next day there was more swimming, a quick morning nap, then off to an area called broadway at the beach, which was similar to the barefoot landing place. we went to the Ripley's aquarium, which illicted many WOWs from rhena... had lunch at Margaritaville (yes, troy ordered the cheeseburger in paradise, and rhena's menu was a mask that made her into a parrothead) did a little more walking, then drove back home.

and now-- the pics: (more to come... I don't have time to upload them all right now)

"daddy... that wave is getting closer.... are you SURE we should be standing here like this?"

ok... this is more like it. no more of that ocean and sand shit, ok???

just a rocking the night away by the general store...


more to come.... stay tuned

EDIT: ok, I lied. blogger's being a piece of crap, so that's all the pics you get for now.


Jewl said...

Nice pictures. MB isn't far from us either, one of these days we are going to have to go check it out. Nice pics!! Your family is beautiful!!

Jenni said...

ack! just enough pics to tease! :-) I'm glad you guys had a good time, it sounds like a wonderful weekend away!!

greekchickie said...

Beautiful pics, gal.

I'm right with ya on the puking. No rides, please!

And I'm not big on sand either, but I love the ocean.


momxtwo said...

Great pics! I don't like to swim in the ocean either. I am not the best swimmer so the ocean is very intimidating.

Glad you had a good time.
Blessings and Peace

gina said...

yeah you big tease! we want more we want more.

glad you had fun. cute family

Wethyb said...

Aw so cute! She's so precious (and hubby too..haha). I've with Baby Girl, no ocean water for this girl either!

bridget said...

Nice pics! Rhena's such a doll!

Glad that you all had a good time.

And have another good weekend too! :)

Christi said...

You should have gone to the alligator thing at Barefoot! I love that place! I love the aquarium, too!

Hey, next time you go, do let me know. I live only an hour and a half from there now, and I'll totally crash your party!

Christi said...

As a matter of fact, make your next trip to Isle of Palms or Folly Beach....and stay with us!

No, no, seriously.

I'm not much of a beach person, either, but Charleston is so much fun!