Friday, June 23, 2006

Monitor Spying

now before you all think I've turned into one of those nuts who walks around with Rhena's baby monitor trying to listen to what's going on in other people's houses... I'm not.

In fact, I only did that ONCE.. and that was when we lived in nevada. I used to be able to hear our neighbor's tv all the time. it was weird. Then I saw that movie "white noise", and now I'm not trying to listen to anything but rhena over our receiver.

Although.. I have to say that it'll be interesting to see what happens come this fall.... did I MENTION that pretty much half of the women on my street are pregnant and are due this fall? I shit you not, people... I am part of a chain of FIVE houses in a row that have pregnant women living in them... all of us due between september and november. Then lets' not forget the chick across the street, who's bringing HER side's tally to THREE all on her own.

yeah. triplets. Holy mother of baby shit... that's a lot of kids.

we joke on our street that we're just going to set up a chuck wagon for meals come fall, vs trying to get different people to make whatever for whoever like we normally do here in stepford.

so I say it'll be interesting, cause with all these monitors that will be working, I'm wondering if I'll be picking up on other people's house-speaks... or worse... other people will be able to hear us!

oh well.. I was just thinking about that all this morning because I'm sitting here listening to troy and rhena in her room.

he got home last night, so he had the honors of waking her up today. and if there's one thing I love to eavesdrop on, it's troy playing with rhena.

they're SO goofy together.... and it's such a delight to hear. I hear shit like the theme from jaws, and squeals from rhena. they really do make a funny pair.

oh well. daddy's home. let the fun begin again.


greekchickie said...

Holy crap! Remind me not to drink the water on your street!

Hey, if you get anything "good" over the monitor, you be sure to report back to us!


Elvis said...

Dad’s privilege/duty #11 (full list to be released later this year, courtesy Random House): we’re supposed to be oddballs with the kids.

Lord knows I take great pride and pleasure in playing with the whelps’ minds. To be regarded as “silly” and “funny” by the little ones is a better compliment than anything I’ll ever get from any boss. We dads need the kids to remember to be like them, because the rest of the world we deal with on a daily basis is for the most part NOT kid-like, and probably is the farthest thing from it.

So – teach the youngin’s how to spit, yodel, wear fake teeth, talk with accents, tell people their dinner tastes like chicken (when it’s not) or chinchilla (when it’s chicken), and screech “Are You Ready to Rock?!?” with the proper hand symbols at full volume. It’s totally worth it. Oh yeah – always – and I mean always – dance like nobody’s looking.

Laina said...

Send me a bottle of that water, will ya? ;)

bridget said...

Whoa, y'all are going to have one busy fall around your parts!

Christi said...

Sounds like trouble to me!

susie said...

Wow too bad you can't bottle fertility... Sounds like fun to me! And a great place to be a kid... so many friends to play with.

momxtwo said...

At least your new little one will have playmates about the same age.

I am through having babies. I have the 2 I wanted and that is it for me. I couldn't afford anymore even if I wanted more.