Friday, June 02, 2006

Busting Out All Over

and I'm not saying that just because I went bathing suit shopping yesterday, either.

well, ok.. maybe a little.

SERIOUSLY. bathing suit shopping is tough.

I went with my girlfriend, and while I only tried on two, she must have tried on like 30. It can be quite the depressing thing; lifting, pulling, squeezing, tucking, sucking.... and that's in the privacy of a fitting room!

of the two I tried on, one was a brown tankini number that made my shoulders and boobs look delicious. yes... I said it. DELICIOUS. the color brown went WONDERFULLY with my skin tone, and the way the straps cut in just so, I could have taken a few pictures of myself. however, from the area in which my breasts stopped and below... it was not so yummy. the bottoms came up too high and cut into places I didn't even know I HAD fat rolls, and the torso seaming was a little crooked and really accentuated my love handles. cause you KNOW that shit is sexy. so you know I passed on that one.

the other one I tried on and decided to purchase is another tankini, and it's nice. it's pink orange and white, though. just not sure I'm loving the colors. The cut works pretty well, though, and I imagine that with a tan I should be able to "work it out," as Randy Jackson likes to say. It's just that right now I put it on and think of cotton candy. maybe I WILL return it. I dunno.

Troy says he likes it (speaking of, he's back in town) but then again... he's been with me long enough to stay very clear of opinions on bathing suits. so who knows... he could probably hate it... he's just avoiding any hormonal outbursts from me. smart fella, I tell you.

so this weekend is the Taste of Charlotte. we went last year, and I enjoyed it. it wasn't a HUGE food offering like other places I've been to, but it's nice enough. and besides.. they have kettle corn. what more reason do I need?

so that's about it. I have a ton of errands to run today (BLAH) and one may just be returning the suit. we'll see. if I keep talking about cotton candy and sweet things, you'll know I decided to keep it.

have a great day, everyone.


Anonymous said...

Bathing suit shopping=hell

greekchickie said...

I love kettle corn!

Ugh ~ I'm not even interested in bathing suit season.


momxtwo said...

I can't remember the last time I went bathing suit shopping. I have blocked it out of my memory because it was too depressing.

Jewl said...

Yummy Kettle Corn....
Ya know, I THINK we might live about 3-4 hours from each other.I am in Jacksonville, home of the Jarheads. And I mean that in a loving way of course since I AM married to one! LOL
I bought a bathing suit last year and I have yet to have worn it!

gina said...

kettle corn!? not what i would imagine at a "taste of_________ " (<-insert city) festival~ real gourmet there. have fun !!

Wethyb said...

I hate bathing suit shopping. HATE. IT. I'm the same as you: love the top, hate the bottom. That's why I always go w/ boy short bottoms these days. Not to mention Ryan loves them :)

The Life of Bill said...

Bathing suit shopping-5 Minutes!
One more reason to throw my hands in the air and thank god for the Y chromosome!!!!!

Susie said...

I bet you look HOTT.