Tuesday, June 13, 2006

aaaah, the deck.

as previously mentioned, I've been in a bit of a holding pattern as of late.

seems as if my emotions have kind of shut me down in a lot of aspects, and in many other senses... I've just been kind of waiting.

waiting for this baby.

waiting for rhena to stop teething.

waiting for the deck guy to do something.

yup. Deck Guy has become a sore topic in johnsonville lately. My parents, during their last visit here in April... did as they normally do (and when I say normally, I'm not saying it in a way that should connote that we in any way EXPECT this behavior, just in a sense that my parents are regularly going beyond our imaginations with all that they do for us)

anyways.. while they were here, they went about finding ways to spoil us. shitloads of toys for rhena. food out the ass. a bunch of things for the house, including one of those lattice-enclosed structures for keeping your garbage cans outside so it's per homeowner's association rules and really nice to look at to boot.

in addition to this, my folks arranged for the same guy to extend our deck by four feet. yeah. go ahead... you can say it; Pretty Fuckin Sweet, huh?

so despite us saying no, the deed was dealt and set up and monies exchanged.

That was back in April.

our deck still looks the same.

despite my folks shelling out some cashola for this dude to come and get the job done; no materials have been dropped of, and no deck has been enlarged.

so this pisses me off, cause even though we don't NEED the deck bigger; it's the principle. my parents doled out money; the guy should do something.


hmmm. that's interesting. and a little freaky if I do say so myself.

deck guy called while I was typing. anyways... sounds like he's going to have someone else do the job, and we'll actually get a start date figured out when he calls tomorrow. interesting. perhaps I should start typing about troy getting another raise or winning a boat or something. hah!

In other news; my mole check-up is today. remember that mole from last year? stressed me out, yes it did, yes it did. well.. it turned out that the appointment went well last year, and the mole I was worried about was nothing TO be worried about. the ever-cute and skinny doc gave me a few watches (as in keep an eye on these spots) and told me to come back next year. being THIS year.

being today.

I have been keeping an eye on the ones I was supposed to, but a batch of new spots has shown up. red and weird shaped spots. tiny, like freckles, but RED. not sure if baby moles start off red, or maybe this is a pregnancy thing, but I don't remember any red spots with rhena. (further proof in addition to all the puking I've been doing that this child is truly a monster) anyways.. I plan on asking about them today.

what else.

I'm 19 weeks along today. or tomorrow. same shit, actually. I actually laughed when they told me my due date changed to Nov 7th. dude... my original date was nov 8th. Do I need to remind everyone that Rhena was over a WEEK late? like one day is going to make a big difference at this point?

oh well. bottom line is that I'm close to halfway there. almost another week down with no puke, too. (fyi-- for those of you not privvy to my pukes; I have been throwing up A LOT since april. I got to a point where I was chucking 3-4x a day, and am now on heavy-duty meds to try to keep things at bay. I ALMOST had a run of 2 weeks with no puking, but I puked last week. no pukes since then, though, so that's good.)

well.. I guess I ought to get ready to start today... as a shower still needs to be had, rhena needs to eat, and I have to have some lump of shit looked at.

peace out, kiddies.


Angela said...

Hi there! Do you remember what else happened last year when you had your mole check done? I came to visit! I wish I could do a repeat performance- sans the insane drinking, of course. ;-)

Good luck with the moles and the deck guy.

And congrats on the not puking! I hope the stretches of non-puking get longer and longer!

Chief Slacker said...

Belated grats on the kiddo to be and the new deck extension ;O)

momxtwo said...

Bennett was 9 days late and 11 lbs 1 oz. I tried to tell them it was going to be a big baby but I guess they thought I didn't know anything since I don't have MD at the end of my name.

Praying for the red spots!

susie said...

Let me know how the doctor's visit goes! And that *IS* weird that the deck guy called. Must be some kinda blogging psychic power thing there!

Here's to another puke free week!

Christi said...

Oh wow! Your due date is three days after mine! We HAVE to have our kids together. I will hold mine in, if neccessary, or pop him out earlier if I need to. Taryn was almost a week late. I'm sure both of my children would have been later than that if I hadn't harrassed the hell out of the midwives to induce me! It sucks that you're still puking. My morning sickness, thank GOD, came and went pretty quickly. Now I'm just REALLY moody (which sucks, b/c I'm on antidepressants that are supposed to stop that!), and ALWAYS tired beyond belief!

Oh, speaking of the spots, I get them, too. I think it is a pregnancy thing. They, for me, are like tiny, tiny moles, and appear mostly in my abdomen area, mainly around my chest. They freak me out. I can't really remember if they went away after Taryn was born or not, but I am getting more now. No fun.

I am so excited for you! I think I'm even more excited just b/c it is very possible that we could have our babies the same day. Now, for the first and only time EVER, I'm kinda sad we moved away from the Charlotte area. I had TJ at CMC, or Mercy South, if you have any idea where either of those are (in Pineville). I'm thinking you're on the other side of Charlotte, near Lake Norman or something, but I'm not sure. Anyway...if it wasn't over three hours from my home-to-be, I'd totally plan an inducement there and have my baby there! We could be, like, baby neighbors!

Jenni said...

Carrie, just wanted you to know that you can have baby #2 on November 5th, should he/she decide to come early. Garrett would be honored to share his birthday! :-)

I got a lot of red moles when I was pg. They do tend to run in my family though, even though I had none until I got pg. I'm full of regular moles as well, they just got more colorful when I was pg!

good luck on the deck extension, and that is just freaky about him calling like that!

gina said...

hope they come fix your deck soon, the bastards. :)

how did the mole thing turn out?

MoCat said...

Don't want to alarm, but I puked for months (had twins). You might want to look into that. Hope everything goes well with the moles. Monica (JohnBoy's sister)

Liza said...

i just LOVE reading about your puke schedule. it makes me SO happy!! hehe

<33333 hope you're doing okay with the moles lol!