Thursday, April 14, 2005

Holy Moley

So originally I was thinking I would be posting about that show Revelations that was on last night.... then I thought I would be posting about my newest obsession, which happens to be a small looks-like-a-lump-of-shit mole that has been growing behind my ear. (hence the holy and moley for my title)

But the show--- well.... it was captivating, but I don't feel like I have any comments. Sure, I could say how it was freaky how the dude didn't bleed, or snapped his fingers and the plane stopped having turbulence.... there were freaky moments generously heaped throughout the hour.... I will give it that.

Otherwise, I can't say I have too much to say about it. I will continue to watch the show, as I find the storyline interesting... but I'm really lacking anything major to say about it. I will say that they need to keep the biblical passages up a little longer, though.... they have them start out blurry, and by the time I figure out that I can read them, they're popping off the screen. This could be because I'm getting old, though. It could also be because last night I was getting drunk.

That's right, I said it.... me. ......DRUNK. hah! ....and it was FUN!!!!!

I had some fruit concoction made from Troy's billion-dollar juicer. Rewind a little--- 2 nights ago he threw in a package of strawberries, a mango and a kiwi into the juicer... we ended up not drinking it the other night, so we decided to drink it last night. with rum. with glorious, delicious, Captain-oh-Captain, I LOVE YOU, my captain--- Morgan's rum.

This would have been wonderful if Troy didn't add an orange to it last night while I was putting Rhena to bed. --- How is it that when he was MAKING the juice that he asked if I wanted him to add an orange to the mix and I told him NO, because I don't LIKE oranges mixed all up with my fruity drinks..... that he still added one the next day???? ....I'd ask you what part of DO NOT ADD AN ORANGE got lost on him, but I'm afraid your guess is as good as mine.

SO we had 2 fruity drinks as a result. I sucked mine down really fast. one, cause I really didn't like it. I mean... it was ok, but since Troy never reads this blog, I can tell you--- not one of my favorites. SO like any good wife, I sucked and swallowed as fast as I could. (there was another Polish-inspired irrational thought that if I DRANK quicker, my body would get rid of the alcohol quicker, thus being safer for me to nurse Rhena when she woke up in the morning. I do not claim to understand where, when and how I come up with these thoughts... I just go with them, people....)

so long story short... he only drinks half of his fruit-drink-up, and offers the rest to me, cause he wanted a crown and coke. (cringe, cringe, you added that orange WHY?????) *sigh* Finally I took the drink and told him I would fix it. ....I fixed it alright... took it in the kitchen, dumped it, and fixed myself a whole new glass of Captain and diet sprite. now, orange I glad I did that??? you betcha!

SO that drink was also pretty much slammed down, and I watched the special about the DeVinci Code. There was more slamming going on in the next hour, but it was more in the form of me refuting the ridiculous crap they were saying about the M and V and 'look at this... this means something' in the painting of the last supper. and don't even get me started on the French making up that bullshit about Jesus having kids just so they can say their bloodlines are even more than royal. please. bullshit, bullshit, bullshit, I say!

So by the time Revelations came on, I was down from my raging loopy-disco-party, and had succommed to a gentle buzz. it could have been the Captain speaking, but again, I thought it was "aahight.... it was just aahight, dawg." like I said--- I'll watch it again next week... sober... and see what I really think.

as for the shit-o-matic mole action..... I'll be calling a doctor today. I tried calling yesterday, but the office was closed. I wouldn't say I'm necessarily scared..... ok, maybe a little..... but as I was telling my friends yesterday---- it's not just about me anymore. Rhena depends on me, and I need to do everything in my power to make sure, God-forbid-there-actually-is-something-wrong-with-the-mole, well--- to make sure I'm doing what I can to stick around as long as I can. enough said on that. I'll keep you posted.

Back to the holy end..... I need to perform a miracle today. Troy's parents are coming tomorrow for a visit..... food has to be bought, rooms cleaned, laundry folded, rugs vacuumed, and oh yeah.... take care of Rhena.

pray for me people..... I'm gonna need it!


greekchickie said...

I feel drunk just reading your blog. Good God, woman. Either that, or I'm sending a priest to perform an exorcism at your place. lol... :)

Yes, PLEASE go get that mole checked out. I had one removed not too long ago. It's very painless; in fact, the needle numbing the mole hurt worse than the excision.

Instead of praying for you, how about we just all come over & help you clean? Duh! Wouldn't that make life easier? Especially if you're gonna have fruity drinks! mmmmm


greekchickie said...

I meant to ask you, in your drunken state, do you by any chance remember what was said on the special on the Da Vinci Code? Were they pro or against it? I'm such a HUGE fan of the book & I wish I had seen that special darn it!

CheekyMoo said...

I don't like orange in my fruity alcohol drinks either. I only like alcohol in them. I hardly ever drink. Though I did get drunk a couple of weeks ago and attempt to order a hot fudge sundae at a drive through. Didn't really work out for me. (no I wasn't driving)

Get the mole checked, yes yes I agree. Can't be too careful! Just drink some fruity drinks before you go.