Monday, April 14, 2008

We're So ALIKE

in keeping with the "I have no shame" monday theme... I figured I'd share this picture.

I mean... nothing says "I need to marry this guy" like getting troy in a dress, false eyelashes AND letting pictures be taken.

yes. we are definitely meant for one another.


(and yes.. apparently in addition to my past affliction for half shirts, I also had a thing for cleavage. in my defense, though.. it went well with the hat.)



raisingtheboobs said...

Man he's HOTT. Why didn't he dress like that for me? Crushed.

Oh and your boobs look great in that picture. Only a good friend would tell you that.

Christi said...

I only wish my cleavage would do that!

Marianna said...

(In my best southern, redneck accent....)

"Daaaayummm baaaaabyyyy! Thems some big hooters you got thar!"


Hanni said...

What a hot ass bitch!

And you're not too shabby either cze? kidding! your boobs are SPECTACULAR by the way.