Friday, April 18, 2008

Point of Interest

I have a friend that jokes about how she's more interesting online than in person. I think I get what she's saying.

NOT that I prefer my friend online over in person. in the contrary. between her spontaneous humping, honking, eye rolls and wry wry humor.... oh, and her husband's home-made cookies... I do love being in her presence SO much more.

no.. I'm talking about me, here. (duh! I'm my favorite subject!!)

I've found recently that I have a LOT of visits here to the blog from people in stepford. No increase in phone calls... no extra invites to lunch.... just lots of observing of me at night. I'm wondering if I'm missing something. I was getting worried that maybe there's going to be a planned shanghai attack on my ice cream delivery.... then I thought maybe the homeowners' association was looking for new ways to cite a violation on the residents??

Maybe I'm too happy these days? I mean.. the toe is a set-back, but mostly I'm happy. And that's the kicker about Stepford. everyone here wants everyone else to believe how happy they are, but the majority of people here revel in other people's misery. oh well. maybe some day I'll TRULY give a shit.

in other news... on the subject of visitors and people reading my blog... Apparently, I'm a BIG ringer for people looking for the definition of a clusterfuck. Check that out!!! page ONE!! entry #5!!! on some levels I almost feel proud. Good to know I'm an authority on the important things in life.

also another oddity is that I get AT LEAST 2 hits A DAY on this post. oddly enough, it tracks back here through an image on google images, and like I said.. at LEAST 2 hits a day on that post. I'd like to think that the world is evolving into a bunch of fly-killers, but I think there's just a bunch of movie-nerds who like to have figurines. LAME!!!

anyways.. other than that.. just hobbling along. waiting for my ice cream. I made some espresso brownies yesterday, and they truly are delicious. I'm also going to make some cupcakes today to bring to our afternoon playdate. if I can keep the kids at bay long enough, I MIGHT finally try the gumpaste decorations... but they need a while to dry, so maybe not.

but at least I'll have a new post for the Crumbles blog. maybe. depends on when the ice cream gets here.

Happy Friday, gang! may all your weekends be "interesting!"



Anonymous said...

You know...the best part of that video in my opinion is not the humping itself. It's when you say "You're gonna make me fart..." just as the video ends.

HAHAHAHAH gets me every time. Not that I spend a lot of time watching me hump you or anything.Not when the actual memories are SO MUCH BETTER.

my humps my humps my humps

partner in crime said...

The Stepfords, they all just wanna see if you're going to talk about them.
Me, personally, just love to see what you're up to, and think you are a witty, entertaining writer. But yeah, love you that much more in person. Cause you're awesome that way.

Marianna said...

mmmm ice cream...