Saturday, April 12, 2008

New Shirt, New Shoes, Now Serve-Us?

ok.. that was lame. I admit it. but hey.. it's not like we .. ok.. it's not like *I* get out often.

anyways.. thursday night Troy and I had a date. we totally capitalized on my folks being here with the free babysitting, and met up with another couple.

Ever the one to recognize a bargain, I went ahead and used whatever money we would have spent on babysitting, and spent it on myself. (listen.. I don't know how YOUR home economics works, but here at the Fever, I make it work to MY favor.)

on the list to be had was a new shirt.

Then.. I figured I'd need a new pair of shoes. I REALLY wanted these, but because I kinda lost both of my big toes' nails from the Avon walk last October (which, btw.. the second one finally fell off the other day, in case you were wondering) I decided it would probably be better to go with a close-toed shoe. cause really... missing toenails? gross. so yeah. went with these.

anyways... it was a nice night. and I know some of you may be gagging from the abundant use of pink, but I LIKE pink. and I figure worse case scenario, if I wake up next week from this premenstrual hormonal haze and realize that only women over 70 and hookers wear the EXACT SAME SHADE OF SHOE, SHIRT, and PURSE.... well... guess I'll be set for the future.

I also think that the pink helped soften the blow of seeing me EAT EVERYTHING that was put in front of me to the couple we were with (gotta love the first impression I must have made on the wife)... but I could be wrong. but that's probably a whole other blog post now, though, isn't it.

Happy weekend, people. zoo pics/recap tomorrow.



Anonymous said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE PINK ON YOU! Great choices! But can I say that the collar bones are kind of freaking me out! EAT MORE, girl! Dahhaaaamn you are skinny. I'm holding on to some extra squeez for you...not sure I can give it back cause sure seems to want to stick around here.

Jenni said...

i love the shoes! very cute. i am not a pink person really, but it does look good on you! and you are just pulling our legs w/ all this weight watchers are so slim!!

Marianna said...

You are absolutely BEAUTIFUL! I love your smile!!!


Erin said...

Two serious thumbs up for those pink flats!

Hanni said...

the teeny collar on your shirt is adorable. and the pink snake skin flats--too cute for words.