Friday, April 25, 2008

Soul Food

so my girlfriend was here for a visit. it was quick, but it was good.

I have much to post about.. like how just the littlest moments can fill your soul with so much goodness that you know you can make it through the next few months of WHATEVER.

about how DISPLACED I feel right now (meaning this stage of life.. not this very second right now)

about how even if a broken toe is no longer so swollen such that you can fit IN your high heels that it may not necessarily be the best idea to WEAR said heels.

about how I love that tv is back, and despite being irritated at grey's anatomy I'm still very excited to see that Addison will be making a return next week with SAUCY HOT dark hair. (go Kate Walsh!!) and how I do not have enough energy to watch Lost yet cause that show just confuses the shit out of me and I imagine I'll need a big assed cup of coffee to process that one. still haven't watched the office or betty yet, though. so no spoilers, please.

oh! and how I'm on PAGE ONE of google results for people looking for the definition of Revertigo!! I know.. lame.. but being one of the top go-to sources for revertigo and clusterfuck just makes me happy.

speaking of happy.. it's time for rhena's nap. and that... makes a momma very very happy.

have a great weekend, all. more posts to come next week.


Marianna said...

Have a good weekend!


Christi said...

You haven't watched "The Office" yet? How on earth are you doing it?!!! You MUST watch it, it's soooooo good! In honesty, the one this past week, not the best, but still funny for sure.

I'm glad you had fun w/your friend. I mean, I didn't get any late night calls, but hey, maybe next time...