Monday, April 14, 2008


yes... I'm gloating. ok, I admit I bordered on begging with the offerings of humps (sorry, Suser).. but c'mon... I said earlier I'm PMSing.

momma needs her some ice cream.

Sorry if you're just now hearing about the contest. I was trying not to ruin my odds. though, if I'm being perfectly honest... I ALMOST blogged about it thinking I might get one of the winning prizes for making the most referrals to her website. but then I thought about it and said hells no cause ... say it with me... momma needs her some ice cream.

yes. yes I do. and now I can live out my fantasies of 'getting some' and not even have to rally for sex.

ok, sorry about that. was just thinking about ice cream being DELIVERED to me. during the DAY. when Troy's at work, and I won't have to share!!! ((insert happy smile here))

If you haven't yet.. do check out Erin's site. she posts amazing pictures of her delicious creations, and I have to tell you... the majority (about 75-80%) of her recipes ARE doable. at minimum, the pictures encourage even the most novice cooks to at least TRY. seriously... she makes food look GOOD. like LICK-your-laptop-GOOD.

dude. ice cream in the mail. I'm so excited!!!

thanks again to Erin!!! I'll let y'all know how it is!!!

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Erin said...

Ahem...all of my recipes are HIGHLY doable. Just like Mark Ruffalo and Eric Bana.