Thursday, April 10, 2008

For Good

ok... first and foremost... I have to THANK everyone who has seen the show of Wicked for NOT telling me a thing about it. Even though I have read the book and have listened to the soundtrack all of about a million times.. I feel like I was able to see the show with fresh eyes. so again.. thank you all for not telling me what to expect!!!

I had such a wonderful time last night. I really did.

The show itself I loved. The lead actresses were Katie Rose Clark and Carmen Cusak. Not sure just how many of the cities they are starring in, but each had a wonderful tone. I was drawn more to Cusak... one, probably because of her character.. but I just liked her voice much better. In starring as Glinda, Clark has that higher, almost opera-like. (yes, I know that in opera there are different types of singers ranging from soprano on down to bass... I just mean... in my most non-american-idol-pseudo-judging-way that sometimes some parts of the songs came off as operatic vs broadway.)

bottom line, though.. there's NO way I could ever sing like they do, and I was truly impressed.

I was NOT impressed with charlotte's audience, however. the outfits worn by my fellow citizens ranged from theater appropriate to frumpy and trailer-park ratty. and don't get me started about intermission. no LESS than 20% of the sold-out audience did not make it back to their seats in time for the second act, and caused such a commotion that the house turned the lights on for these rude people to be able to find their seats faster. Admirably, the cast kept on with the show despite the audience, but I was embarrassed for Charlotte to be so uncouth. and we wonder why it takes forever to get big-name shows here. sigh.

but... that hiccup aside.. the evening was wonderful. I kick myself in the ass for not telling my mom just how important and how special I felt to be having an evening with her, and just her. I thought about it throughout the show, and ALMOST said something a few times, but started to choke up and chickened out.

but it's true. As an adult, I have learned a whole new side of my mother that I appreciate and respect SO MUCH. and having friends that have parents that are either aging or passed on.. I want to make sure I'm absorbing as much of her as I can. and having a night with just her and I was special on so many levels... most of which I can't explain.. other than "good".

I really think rhena would have loved the show.. except for some of the parts in which she would have had the shit scared out of her (she's a little fragile and jumpy when it comes to loud noises) but I think when she gets a little older she and I will have to get season tickets. and who knows.. maybe Wicked will be this era's Cats, and run long enough for her to see someday, too.

in other news, I did NOT make it to the gym this morning. oops. maybe saturday I'll go. but for sure I'll be back on track soon. having my folks here has allowed me to do more snacking, and I noticed the scale creeping up a little. I'd love to say that it's cause I'm building leg muscles, and everyone KNOWS that muscle weighs more than fat... but I'm sure it has to do with the ice cream, the doughnuts, and other assorted chocolates (like my failed attempts at petit fours from the bake sale) I've been eating.

oh, and tonight is date night. troy and i are going here with another couple tonight. wouldn't have been my first choice... but hey.. we're getting out. I've been there a few times before, and it's OK... again.. not my favorite.. but it'll do. still would have liked it if troy and I were going to Del Frisco's... but 131 Main is cheaper. and closer. again.. night out. and that'll be good.

ok.. that's all for now.


Anonymous said...

So glad you loved it. I had a similar choked-up experience with my parents a few years ago when we took them to see the Boston Pops Holiday concert. I FELT like I was making a memory. That's a good thing, right Martha? said...

Oooh, Wicked has been on my "to read" list for far too long. I need to crack that book OPEN.

I'm glad it was awesome!

Jenni said...

i'm so happy to hear you loved it! it must be nice to do something adult once in a while...

A said...

Hurrah! Glad to read that you loved it. One of my cousins is in the LA production. She used to do the tour. I've seen it a zillion times and still love it.

Marianna said...

I hope I can see Wicked on stage!