Wednesday, April 23, 2008


ok.. anyone who knows me knows it's no secret that I love the show "how I met your mother".

this past week was a classic episode if there was one to be had. not only did it feature yet another Robin Sparkles video... but the gang explored a phenomenon known (ok.. writer-created) as "Revertigo".

Revertigo, essentially, is what happens to a person when they are around someone from their past. They revert back to their behavior during the time that they knew them. there were some fabulous examples of it during the show... I suggest you watch it if you haven't already.

I plan on having my own examples of revertigo tonight.

My girlfriend Jennifer just came in from jersey for a quick visit.... and tonight Troy is going to watch the kids so she and I can go out. I imagine I'll be a bit louder than normal.

growing up with Jen as a best friend really made me work on my personality. She, you see.. was (and still is) a very beautiful girl. She's tall... and well... all the guys used to (and still do) get stupid for her. Being the shortie that I am... I imagine some people used to see the pair of us like those old Chester and Spike cartoons.

Since my pairing with Troy, I noticed in those rare rare times I've gotten to go out with Jen, I get in that LOUD zone, where only I've converted my "look at me" energy into "look at HER" energy. I just tend to do so with smaller hair.

so anyways.. tonight should be fun. apologies now if any of you get and DWIs from me (dialing while intoxicated) and if you do... just ignore the accent. apparently another side effect of my revertigo is that I pick up regional accents.

"Hi, my name is Carrie, and I have never truly lost my jersey accent..."

happy HUMP day, gang.


Liza said...

hehe, i've watched that show a couple times and all i can think is "doogie's all growed up"

Christi said...


Choppzs said...

Have fun on your girls night out! I wish I could have one soon!!

Angela said...

That episode cracked me up, but I don't know how I feel about the may have jumped the shark right there.

Have a great time with your friend!

Marianna said...

I like that show! I wish I could see it.


Christi said...

What, no call? said...

I fully believe in Revertigo.

(Hope you had a blast!)

Christie said...

Love that show. We laughed our @$$es off while watching it. And yes, I suffer from revertigo every time I'm with my best girlfriend (of nearly 30 years). Each time we see each other, I can imagine climbing into her Ford Probe - she was the first one of us to have her own car - driving through the neighborhoods while listening to Salt-n-Pepa's "Push It" and figuring out which house we were going to toilet paper.