Saturday, April 19, 2008

I Heart Erin Cooks

seriously. I don't know WHAT kind of lottery I hit.. but Erin has restored my faith in all things good. and creamy. with a hint of honey.

people.. I got my ice cream yesterday. I think I squeaked a little when the doorbell rang late in the afternoon.

Rhena was ALSO pleased to see the package arrive. she literally held (dare I say HUGGED ??) it for no less than three minutes.
and I mean.. really.. when you open a package and the first thing you see is THIS.... how can you NOT be happy?

life is good. like four pints of good, good.

I tried to sample each one like IMMEDIATELY, but the bastids were ROCK HARD. so I did what any sensible woman would. I licked the top. Hey.. it worked in that old VW commercial.. I figured, why not?

earlier today I sampled the caramel ice cream with my espresso brownie. holy fatness, batman.. that was GOOOOOOD. ESPECIALLY when paired with the brownie. like.. a caramel macchiato with chocolate and a hug from giada GOOD. "perfect!"

in a bit, I'm going to wind down my day with just a little of the honey bee. it's just so simply delicious. really. a very rich vanilla with that sweet after-taste of honey. I almost wish I had a sore throat right now so I had an excuse to eat the whole pint. wait.. I DO NOT WISH THAT. (me and the health karma have NOT been friends lately. best not wish anything upon myself again)

But back to my post's title. LOVE Erin right now for including me in this circle of goodness. it's like one of those e-mails you get promising that you'll get money from microsoft, and so will the people you pass it on to, except you never do. but in this case you DO. you get the four pints. Really.. Erin... while I'm still wearing the same size pants... I honestly love you. and I'll totally make Chris a doggie cupcake when I can get people to eat/get rid of the ones I made this weekend. except you know, it might look a little more like dog FOOD by the time it gets to you. but really.. you. the bomb. BIG LOVE!!!


Christi said...

I am not a big ice cream person, but right now I REALLY want some!

Marianna said...

Oh my gosh, I am absolutely drooling!


Erin said...

So how did you manage to pry that box out of your daughter's arms? Bribery? Promises of a Miley Cyrus meet and greet perhaps?

Anonymous said...

Um...YUM!!!! Dan would be ALL OVER that pomegranate chip - loves the stuff... Thinking of the caramel one makes me feel a bit sweaty. In a good way.

Choppzs said...

Yum. I made a special trip to her site just to see if I could score some ice cream! lol

Ice cream does some bad stuff to my system, but it's worth it!