Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Feeling Blue

by request... I will NOT show a picture as to exactly how blue I am. or how blue my TOE is, specifically.

believe me when I tell you it's gross. like even *I* can't look gross.

today, I'm feeling rather blah and tired. could be the stress from yesterday catching up, or the lack of sleep from last night, but again.. today... meh.

guilty pleasures to be had tonight, though. Troy's going to play basketball after work, and by fate, just after he told me about that, we watched a commercial for chick-fil-a featuring their new coffee and caramel milkshake. in true Randy form, I told him that I may not love the idea of that shake, but I ain't gonna be mad at him if he brought one home for me after his game.

just saying.

I mean.. I DO need to start taking precautions as to not get a bad case of brain freeze when the ice cream comes, right?



Marianna said...

I think every blue foot deserves a shake!


raisingtheboys said...

hmmm thanks for distracting us all from the foot imagery by replacing it with the milkshake imagery. For that I love you EVER MORE.

Was it good? Huh? Huh?

Christi said...

You are hurt, after all. I think that's the prerequisite for delicious milkshakes.

Jenni said...

OW. ow, ow, OW. Are you feeling better today? stubbed toes are bad enough, but ouch.

Liza said...

mmmm coffee & carmamel sounds so yummy!