Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Clean Machine

I've said this before, but I'm serious. I SO need a wife.

or a me. I need a me. another one, that is.

think of the THINGS I could do. one could be my public me... the one who goes to the gym and eats healthy and reads witty things on the internet and bakes a lot. the other one would cook and clean and EAT all the things the other me would bake. oh.. I'd SOO let the myself get fat if I had another me to show off. I'd even let Troy have sex with the skinnier one. but wait.. would that be ME, or the other me?


I can't even keep my own thoughts straight in my ONE head.. I'd be a hot mess if I was in charge of two.

anyways. I have cleaning to do. the floors, in particular. bleh.

and laundry. and dusting. and oh, apparently the car nap danny had today means he's boycotting the afternoon one?

oh well.

Happy tuesday.


Christi said...

Kinda makes polygamy look good, eh? Okay, well, not really, but....in theory, maybe...

Marianna said...

LOL @ Christi!

That was a good one!


Liza said...

i would cry if there were two of me to deal with, though having a female counterpart to deal with chris sometimes would be nice.