Monday, April 07, 2008

rockin' around the clock

1, 2, 3 o'clock rock. 5, 6, 7 o'clock STOP!

people.. the poor sleeping has returned. between danny and rhena, I seem to be catching the hour hand on just about every number each night.

As I have mentioned before, Danny's got like 800 teeth coming in. so that in itself has had him not sleeping well. (and drooling and chewing on everything... and suddenly a food critic? the boy who eats anything off the floor is handing food back to me and saying "DAH!" I don't know what HE means by "DAH!", but I hear it as "please let's play the pass food back and forth game for the next half hour to forty minutes until I finally finish this delectible lunch/dinner you worked so hard to prepare especially for me, my sweet loving and oh-so-hip mother!")

around last week, I noticed that what's been coming OUT of the boy is strangely much softer than what's going IN him. and more yellow. and far smellier. (read.. he's had the mustard-yellow poops.) and while it's NOT quite the runs... it's about the consistency of toothpaste (now THERE'S a visual! AAACK!)

I figured it had something to do with all the excess drool from the tooth production... but saturday Rhenie woke up with the drip. as in nose drip. so perhaps mooser was fighting off something last week? a something that seems to be now winning out cause now Danny's nose has been leaking as well.

As for Rhena.. in addition to walking around like Sheldon was in last week's Big Bang Theory... (no really.. the resemblance is uncanny) she, too, is waking up in the middle of the night. and climbing into our bed where she proceeds to sneeze, roll over, sniffle, and ask for water intermittently every other half hour.

so anyways.. that's what's been shaking over here. getting ready for wicked on wednesday night, and troy and I have a date on thursday. so hooray for that!

tomorrow's my morning to work out. bleh! I wouldn't even call it working out at this point. more like "looking like an elephant on a treadmill". but that's alright. we all have to start somewhere, right? anyways.. gotta gear up a playlist to keep the legs moving tomorrow. last week I worked the black-eyed peas and beyonce. I think tomorrow I'll reach deep in the archives and pull out some classic techno. you know.. back in the days when I wore outfits like this and wasn't NEARLY as embarrassed as I am now just looking at it.

yes I DID.
but the point is that I DON'T any more, and my hair has fully recovered from all that over-processing. and those clothes and furniture are safely back in the garbage with the rest of the 90s.


Anonymous said...

I have a confession to make. No I didn't dress like that... rather when I stayed at your house I looked through the photo books in the guest room. Dude. I love you. Almost as much as you love the half-shirts in the 90s.


Jodes said...

i sooooo needed that today my friend! i love that you had the half-shirt obsession and that you posted the pic to let us all see. hope the kids are on the mend soon-we are feeling your sniffling and teething pain over here. love you!

Christi said...


Marianna said...

Oh my God!!!! Carrie, LOOK at you!!!!! Oh, I love this photo!!!

I love Big Bang Theory ~ that's one funny show! I wish I could watch it here...


Jenni said...

hahahaha! girl, you are so brave posting that! ;-) I did a few half shirts in college, when I still had my high school athlete figure...and weighed at least 25 lbs less than I do now.

too funny that Suz checked out your albums...cracking me up!!!

Anonymous said...

I remember that apt...and that furniture...and as much as I love my life now, quite frankly it made me...well...reminiscent...of many things...the poor fish tank...the glazy black we concocted just about any type of food/beverage in the little kitchen that could...miss it sometimes...perhaps I miss the laughter the most. Deb in Rockies