Friday, July 20, 2007


I originally began writing this post on tuesday, but never finished, then I found out about my uncle so I never posted it. here's a glimpse of how my week started out, though.


welcome to the house of technicalities! I'm your host, but you can just call me "I must look like I have shit for Brains"... or of course... 'mommy' for short.

So today's been one of those 'get a lot of shit done' days... or at least ATTEMPT to. Danny's been kinda sick lately, so I'm trying to stay closer to the house and let him sleep as much as possible so he can get over this cold once and for all.

Rhena seemed perfectly content to be muddling around the house doing her own thing. this leaving me free to fold the Mt. Vesuvius of laundry I've got going.. I figure, what the hell. well, that's until rhena comes into danny's room holding her pyjama pants and panties in her hands and tells me,

"Mommy.. I need new panties. these have pee pee all over them."

WHAT??? whothewhatthehuh??? Mind you my surprise is truly genuine; rhena has been accident free for almost 2 months now.

"Rhena... why did you make pee pee in your pants??? You're supposed to use the bathroom! You know that!"

"BUT MOMMY.... I DID use the bathroom. I made pee pee by Daddy's sink!"


ok, so after all was cleaned up, I had a little sit down with her and made sure we were ALL on the same page with what momma means by bathroom. Yes, mommy means the potty. and no more in the panties, or the diapers are coming back, and do we want the diapers back? oh no. "I'm shorry, mommy. I won't make pee pee in my panties again. I'm really shorry." and WHERE do we make the pee pee? "In the PAAAH-TY, momma. NOT in my panties."

ok, fine.

day continues.

I'm doing chores, then lo and behold, a bottom-half naked rhena comes up to me and says "Hi, Mommy.. I tried to make pee pee in the potty but it won't fit!"


"Rhena... which potty did you use??"

"The one in the playroom! My pee-pee doesn't fit!"

People.. we do not have a potty in the playroom. Rhena's playroom is full of toys.

oh. oh oh oh.


I'm not going to give you TOO much of a visual here, but I WILL provide the one below to help you understand my frustration. Please take special care to note that although Rhena is not quite 3 years old yet, she is FAR bigger than a little people figurine. Her pee pee DEFINITELY did not fit in the potty.

my pee-pee won't fit!

and the victory goes to Rhena by order of a technical knock-out.


Kelli said...

I promise this will be funny one might be 20 years from now, but one day, it will be funny.

susie said...

Oh my GOD. Technicalities INDEED. Today the potty... tomorrow "Well TECHNICALLY I didn't let the boy in MY bedroom, Mom."

Choppzs said...

That's great! Their minds are still a mystery! lol

Tee said...

I'm sorry about your uncle.

This post is hilarious though. Look at that cute little potty. Can't blame her for wanting to use it ;)

Just wanted to let you know I'm having a blog contest again.

The prize this time is a kid's prize pack including 3 computer games.

Good luck if you decide to enter!

greekchickie said...

That kid cracks me up!


suser said...

Just checking back to comment on that Little People charcter. Is she a hippie?! She's looking all "Free LOVE."

Christi said...

Oh, thanks! I needed that! I'm going to laugh myself to sleep now!