Monday, July 09, 2007


ok... this is going to be another one of those "is it just me" posts.

so I was slopping some breakfast mush into danny this morning, while coming to life with the help of some coffee. Rhena was in the other room, watching some episode of Higglytown Heroes that even *I* can recite by heart for the amount of times she's seen it.

ANYWAYS.. I decided that it was a good time to go through yesterday's batch of coupons. I love me some coupons. ok, ok... what I REALLY love is when I have a coupon for an item that's being promoted for an in-store sale, so I get a discount on a discount. ok, ok... what I REALLY REALLY love is when the coupon is for less than a dollar off, too, cause my food store doubles those coupons. Did I ever tell you about the one time I got paid $0.35 for taking a box of macaroni and cheese home???? yeah... (and listen.. I KNOW it's pathetic that I get so excited about coupons, but it's not like I'm out on the party circuit, ya know... saving money makes me happy!!)

so yeah... I'm going through my coupons this week... flipping through the ads, imagining what a happy happy life I'll have if I just use such and such products. I imagine that my teeth will be THAT bright if I buy this toothpaste, and my period will be THAT MUCH less bloody if using those tampons. ok, sorry.. that was over the line, but since I'm making an aside... three cheers to P&G for only having one sheet of coupons on the weekend of Live Earth, as compared to the other coupon flyers that each had approximately 15-20 pages with one or two coupons per page. It probably wasn't their intent to save resources as much as it was their own decision to cut some costs in producing their coupons, but either way... I appreciate seeing less waste.

ok.. so back to creepy.

I saw an ad for this doll called Maya. It's one of those lifelike dolls. one of those creepy, lifelike, BABY dolls. The kind you see all over the crazy-lady's house in horror movies. you know.. one of THESE dolls.

is it me, or what? I mean... I just.. I dunno. I was trying, and I mean REALLY trying to think of a good reason to have one of these things. I got nothing.

Maybe you just need to have the collectible bone in you. I mean, let's face it.. there's people that collect things, and there's people who don't. I mean, I imagine on some levels each one of us has something that we feel warrants going out and purchasing or saving. But I'm still going to say that there's a big difference between someone keeping a memento (collecting concert ticket stubs, the corks from favorite bottles of wine, postcards from cities one has travelled to) and a person that likes something and goes out and obsessively purchases/obtains of a particular topic.

Having once been a teenager who spent every spare dollar on any article that emblazoned the images or likenesses of Duran Duran, INXS, and 'hot shirtless guys'... I do understand the aspect of really really liking something and just wanting to have A LOT of that particular item in your life. But shouldn't there be an age limit on when this type of obsession is no longer acceptable? or finally BECOMES acceptable again?

And I KNOW that there'll be some folks out there that will agree that the baby-dolls are creepy, but make sure they put away some extra cash for that longaberger basket they've been eyeing up, or star wars figurine, or christmas ornament. Hell... I'll admit it.. I do scour whatever place I'm visiting for a christmas ornament to remember the trip by. so maybe I'm a bit of a hypocrite.

But something about collecting life-like replicas of NEWBORNS just screams creepy. And more to the point.. what are these people DOING with them once they get them? glass cases? mock-nurseries? worse yet.. PLAYING with them? yeah... I gotta go with creepy.

oh well.. speaking of playing.. I have my own 'dolls' to attend to.


Laina said...

Gotta agree with you on both counts today. I LOVE saving money, whether with coupons, yardsaling, thrifting, whatever. It makes me feel like I have skills, beyond that of an ordinary shopper, because I didn't just pay for something, I got a BARGAIN.

And those dolls are uber-creepy. I too wonder about the people who would purchase them, because they're too expensive to buy for little girls, so they're going to adults. Creepy.

susie said...

LOVE ME SOME COUPONS! I just whippedout a bunch when we initiated Seamus to Friendly's Saturday - well actually all he did was sleep and grunt and probably crap his pants which is kindarude but still. I had $5 off which I negated by promptly ordering a sundae after my Ultimate Bacon cheeseburger.

The dolls are gross and creepy. The MOST creepy one is the Preemie doll. Like...preemies are poor little babies who are born too early and have to fight like crazy to grow and thrive. And parents of preemies are tortured by having to visit their babies in NICUs and are unable to take home their babes until they are ok. So SURE! Let's make them into dolls! BLECH!

And to be truthful - the scary collectors of these dolls in movies or Law & Order eps are always men in their 30s who sit in front of vanities brushing their dolly's hair lovingly.

Crepsville. Totally not just you.

greekchickie said...

Ok ~ did anyone else notice that the doll has a French pedicure on her toes?! EWWW!!!

I once saved $11 in coupons off of a $90 bill! That was a good coupon day!


Life Of Abbreviations... said...

I'm hoping there won't be any dolls in our house. Maybe just some John Deere tractors, frogs, and Transformers.
Maybe they make the creepy dolls for people who want to have conditional children....kinda like putting a key in them to turn them on and off! Too funny!

Rachie said...

Gee I remember some creepy dolls in our you??

WILLIAM said...

I have stopped by here in the past but it has been a while...but I wanted to tell you I like your writing style and wit. I will have to stop by more.

Kelli said...

I had never seen ANYTHING like that doll you linked to. CREEPY doesn't even begin to describe it. I had to close the window before Kendal could would give her nightmares for sure! Yikes.

Christi said...

What's creepy is that I'm reading this now. I was going through ads and stuff today, doing a little cleaning, and I came upon an ad for one of those dolls. I thought, "Why would someone want one of these things?" I mean, yes, it did look surprisingly realistic, which just made it that much more confusing to me. My conclusion was that women who can't have any more kids and whose kids are all grown up must be the ones who want them. That was the best I could do!

Oh, and I get super excited about saving money like that, too. My mom is AWESOME at it. I'm not as good, but mostly that's b/c I don't have the time to put into finding the deals and matching up the coupons! I LOVE when you get paid to take home the stuff! What's really great is that I deliver papers, so I get as many Sunday coupons as I want...and if I had time, that would be even better!