Monday, July 23, 2007

Burn, baby burn!

so... as I've said in the past.. summer TV pretty much sucks. sure, we have our one-off shows here and there, and Tuesdays are good for catching up with all the episodes of House we never watched cause for some unknown reason other than for what SURELY must be categorized as pregnancy-and-post-par tum-STUPIDNESS. Really.. don't know how we missed that show for so long!

but whatever.. my point is that troy and I are FINALLY getting our money's worth out of netflix, now that the summer (aka shit programming) is here. I also like this time of year, because I finally have some other shit to talk about other than the quantities of food coming in and out of my family members' bodies, or how much sleep I'm not getting. I almost start to think that I might.. just MIGHT be able to have an adult conversation someday. you know... with another adult. and maybe out in public... but I'm not pushing my luck here.

so... recently we've caught a couple of movies. some good, some not-so-good, and as always.. some I found disturbing.

You know.. I do have to say this. while I recognize the fact that my way of thinking has been altered since becoming a mother... I really and truly wonder if the things (movies) I find so disturbing now are really that disturbing, or because my meter-reader is jacked for the whole estrogen thing.

For example:

Deliver Us From Evil - this is no question. BY FAR one of the more ... strike that... MOST disturbing movies I've watched in a long time. Not only was I fighting back vomit and rage from what this man did to children, but knowing he was allowed to go on as a prominent figure in my religion of choice??? VERY DIFFICULT. Troy and I had a deep conversation afterwards that touched on this particular documentary example, our society as a whole, our religion, and of course, our fears for the future. This movie is not for the faint of heart, though. I'll admit I was actually SORE the next day from the angst and tension I held through the whole movie.

Little Children - this one is an iffy one. *I* thought it was disturbing, but then again, I always have had a hard time watching movies that involve adultery. This movie had characters REEKING with issues, which TYPICALLY makes me feel better about myself, but eh... it just didn't sit right with me. Maybe because all of the characters were real enough that I could actually imagine meeting them here in stepford... and maybe it's the whole "you selfish asshole sonofabitches, wake the fuck up and pay attention to your CHILDREN" feelings I was having... more conversations between Troy and I, though. hah! we're such movie-critic-turned-life-coaches. Just kidding.. but seeing a blatant example of situations usually prompts troy and I to have one of those "what would YOU do" conversations. (don't worry, folks.. he and I are still very much on the same page...)

Flags of Our Fathers - I enjoyed watching this movie in that it made me think. We're waiting on the corresponding movie, Letters from Iwo Jima... With Troy having served in the Marines, I can't help but be thankful that his years never had him in war. Now, I'm not going to get into a whole discussion here about my thoughts on war, patriotism, and the distinct feeling of apathy I sense from my generation... but Flags really painted a picture of the societal sensationalism and pressure that was put on soldiers during World War II. Many war stories/movies illustrate characters as they are in battle. we as an audience watch, support, then often mourn the inevitable outcomes of these scenarios based on actual history. But few movies show the characters, and more so their emotions, when they come home. Sure, there were some war scenes, but the battles they fought in their heads when they were home were what struck a chord with me. sad.

Another one that was sad to me was Dirty Pretty Things. I really don't think about the US as being such a desirable place to live. I'll admit I take my citizenship for granted many times, and watching this movie disturbed me in that I was amazed at what people will do to escape their current living conditions. This movie definitely upped my appreciation factor for stepford... puke-filled buncos and all.

Other stuff we've burned through lately is Night at the Museum (gotta take a mental break every now and then, you know...), Catch and Release, V is for Vendetta, Blood Diamond, No Man's Land, an Inconvenient Truth, Suspect Zero (SUCKED!!! seriously.. very lame), Boys of Baraka, and You, Me and Dupree (ok, ok.. I'm a sucker for Owen Wilson!)

I imagine that I'm probably 100 years too late in the game when it comes to being qualified to discuss movies.. I mean, seriously.. I've seen ONE movie in the theater in the past 2 years?? But if anyone else wants to start up a movie-blog with me.. I'd love to jabber with ya.

Truth is... like I said... I'm really trying to get back in the game of thinking for myself about topics that don't include what's for dinner, where my daughter left her underwear, and how long it's been since the moose ate or had his diaper changed. And I love a good movie. or you know.. a heart-wrenchingly disturbing one.

Leave me a comment if you want in on the movie-chat blog, and I'll make you a contributor. Hell, even if I get one other blogger/commenter that's interested, I'll start up a blog and we can share thoughts/comments about movies we watch. But be warned.. I'm talking about movies that are not in the theaters.. cause you know.. my ass not leaving the house and all....


greekchickie said...

Ok, I'm not the person to ask about movies, that's for sure. The last movie I saw in the theatre was Da Vinci Code. Not kidding.

And before that, it was National Treasure. LOL


jodes said...

good for you guys! we are all about the tv on dvds. we just started battlestar gallectica. a whole movie, though-wow! we did see harry potter in the theatre and are going to go try and see sicko tomorrow night, so i can let you know about those!

Christi said...

I'm game.

I love Owen Wilson, too! I thought that movie was soooo funny! I could just imagine that being one of Trey's friends!