Friday, July 06, 2007

in the wee small hours of the morning

Danny was up early today.

I'm not going to get into how I'm really really trying to teach him that it's ok to sleep through the night right now, cause that's just a sad sad topic. period.

Anyway.. he was up at 6am, so I decided to hit the streets.

we got a good 20 minute walk in, and while I have to clock the mileage, I think we did a little over a mile and a half. not bad. definitely a good way to get the blood pumping for the day. oh, and to burn off the big-assed sandwich, beer, and two cookies I had for dinner the night before.

it's interesting what a different place stepford is in the morning. It's so quiet. I love it!

no screaming kids, no gossiping hens, no toothpaste commercial smiles on every corner with their perfectly practiced queen's waves.

don't get me wrong.. I actually do like the elements of stepford that make it, well.. stepford. I ENJOY the friendliness and sense of community... the warm and welcoming smiles, the friendly banter...

but I also like to be left alone occasionally. especially after a long night of screaming and crying. actually gives me a chance to think.

so today I was thinking about friends. Granted, I've been thinking about them for a while now, but this morning, I was thinking about certain friends that I haven't seen in a while, then I started thinking about some friends that have been around the whole time.

it's funny how you can have friends that things are always good with, others that you kinda get into a rut and go on auto-pilot, then others still that were always kind of there all along, but recently you realize just how very similar you are with them and you wonder why in hell you're not at their house right now drinking coffee.

but I guess in some respects, the friendships I have and maintain are just reflections of my own life as it has its ups and downs. ... and the wheels go round and round....

ok. that's enough babble. I guess I'm just saying that it was a nice walk this morning. Nicer still when I got home and was able to unstrap the Moose from my chest. you don't think about what a difference losing 20 pounds is until you strap it on, have it bounce around for 20 minutes. Hard to realize I had that much extra bouncing around for about 7 YEARS. yikes!

happy friday, gang!


Kelli said...

sorry you had a rough night...I was thousands of miles away going through the same.
I wish we could take those healing morning walks together!

Anonymous said...

Carrie, I would have emailed you years ago...but I have shamefully lost your email address and hence cannot email you my phone number. I guess I could snail mail it to you since I actually have your home address in my Peanuts address book. In the meantime, when you have a minute, which I recognize you are short on, email me at will then, in turn, email you my phone number. Much love. Hearts, hugs, and kisses for Rhena & the Moose...Debbie in Denver

Shirley in Seattle said...

Ah Carrie I have been reading your blog since you were living in Reno. I have followed your many interesting topics and even tho we never speak I feel like you've been right here. I keep Kim up on what your latest escapade is and try to get her to read your blog. I find you to be quite amusing and I am loving watching your family grow. Congratulations on such a great life. You have one that people dream about. Thanks for sharing. Shirley from Seattle

Life Of Abbreviations... said...

You are a heck of a lot more motivated than I could ever be at 6am. And being able to shed 20 pounds in under 5 seconds, I'm jealous! I've become such a lard butt during this pregnancy that it makes me wonder how people who are normally this heavy carry around the weight on a day to day basis!
Maybe you should write up some post pregnancy workouts between screaming babies and poopie diapers! J/K!

greekchickie said...

I agree with Karley ~ I'm not motivated at 6am! In fact, it's 7am & I'm contemplating a nap since I woke up so early!


Choppzs said...

i love walking around the neighborhood first thing when the sun comes up. It's so nice and peaceful!!

Christi said...

Cole won't sleep through the night, either. He's getting a wee bit better, but still he wakes up at least once. He's finally popping out his first tooth now, though, and thus has been worse the last few days. I can't wait till he finally gets it. The first two were good by three months, and I could have handled them much easier than I can handle him not sleeping all night!

I have one really good friend in life. She's all I really need. I have some good friends and some acquaintances that I talk to and get together with occasionally, but really, I mainly talk to Julia. If it weren't for her, I'd be totally lost. Sometimes I kinda wish I had more friends, but honestly, I'm too lazy to cultivate them!

suser said...

Wish I were there!