Tuesday, July 24, 2007


ladies and gentlemen... my children are sharks.

and yes.. I am bleeding.


I suppose I really don't need to follow up on that TOO much... but let me tell you.. it's going to take at LEAST three of the cupcakes I made today to bring me back to life from the past two hours alone.

My children are predators, and they not only know when it's mama's 2nd night in a row of double-duty bed routine, but I just KNOW they know it's my time of the month to prove my womanhood and dear jesus on sweet HIGH I'm in a mood, and did I TELL you we have another fucking fly in our house???

yes.. the cupcakes they are a' callin'.

sharks. downright, make-my-ass-crazy SHARKS.


Christi said...

I know how you feel. They are predators waiting for your weakest point to attack. Mine are the same way. It's like the whole "Want nothing to do with Mom till she's on the phone" thing. They can play innocent all they want, but I know the truth!

greekchickie said...

Someone ~ send Carrie chocolate ASAP!


suser said...

Ugh! can you toss a cupcake to divert them with some chum?

Chief Slacker said...

I can just hear the "Jaws" theme reverberating through your house. heh.

Jewl said...

So your saying I should stock up on cupcakes?