Thursday, July 12, 2007

All Aboard!

ok.. we're back in business today. I took yesterday to love and coddle the kids, and most importantly, to lay low (figuratively and literally... didn't want to risk another fall!).

I *DO* want to thank all of the readers who either posted some love, shared a story, or just plain chose to NOT state the obvious of how I should never leave a baby unattended. cause you know.. no shit. Anyways.. all continues to be fine here in Fever Falls... so let's just mosey on, shall we?

So last night, troy and I were watching some TV. Summertime is TYPICALLY our chance to burn through our mile-long queue on Netfilx... what with summer tv programming SUCKING and everything. But last night we were actually watching the tube.

each week we tune in to watch Hell's Kitchen, and So You Think You Can Dance. (Listen... you might not like Chef Ramsey or the dancers, but I've openly admitted to being a big fan of VH1's Flavor of Love and I Love New York in the past, so yes... you CAN believe that I *DO* watch that crap! )

anyways.. my REAL point today is that after the dance show, there was a show on fox that had something to do with singing songs and not forgetting the lyrics. no biggie... typical summer tv. I suspect next summer will have a show called "try to catch the live, greased animal".. but again, that's neither here nor there. at least not this summer.

SO yeah, the singing show. Anyone else notice that there was another show with the EXACT same premise on just a half hour earlier on NBC?? (ps.. the nbc one sucked, but I think they borrowed the dancers that were on Shatner's show for like a minute...) oh, and for the record.... the host of the nbc show is a total jack-off. and WHO is he??? I should google him, but that would require extra effort.

what is it with hollywood and multiple networks or movie moguls pimping out the same idea at the same time?? right now it's the lyrics theme on tv... but in the past I recall movies with natural disaster themes (Armageddon and the other meteor-crash movie...) Illusionist and the Prestige were out at the same time... Broke back mountain and "my husband goes away on gay fishing trips"... oh wait.. that was just the name of Mrs McGreevey's blog . and of course... tv. apprentice, martha's apprentice, hell's kitchen... same shit, different channel.

oh well.. I'd go on, but I have my own little re-occurring theme going on. Apparently, both kids are putting out their own spin of "I need your attention right NOW, mama!!"


suser said...

Dude we are SO ALIKE!! I swear I was thinking the same thing about the carbon copy shows. And seriously? Joey Fatone? former NSYCer and Dancing w/ the Stars. Major suckage!

Glad you all are better today!

WILLIAM said...

I enjoyed the NBC show (I did not see the fox one). I just like the premise. are witty.

Christi said...

We were, like, SOOOOOO watching the exact same shows! I, of course, am not watching them when you do, b/c I am forced to DVR them and watch them in little spurts b/t crying and feeding and catching (yes, my son is 100% sure he's a monkey). I am a total Fox watcher, though.

Speaking of, my DVR is messed up, and keeps skipping taping the results for SYTYCD, and now I have no idea who they sent home last night!