Tuesday, July 10, 2007

EASILY my favoritest picture ever

not sure if it's the "seriously.. I'm trying to poop here, mama! will you put that damn thing away" look she's giving me, or just the fact that her hair is pretty much its own life force, but I love love love this picture.

She is TOTALLY gonna hate me someday for this.....


Kelli said...

Kendal just said, and I quote, "She's going potty! And she has crazy hair." HA! Too cute.

greekchickie said...

Oh.My.Gawd. You must NEVER use this picture against this beautiful child. EVER! Even when she's fixin to have her 1st date!


susie said...

Oh this is totally the picture that you will put in the "childhood" slideshow/presentation at Rhena & Liam's wedding shower.

Liam said, "Rheeeena is using the potty like a good girl, Mama. *pause* I don't like the potty."

Yeah - no shit - literally.

Life Of Abbreviations... said...

You are so mean! I love it! LOL! Seriously, there needs to be a Potty link for these things!

Anonymous said...


Isn't it amazing how different they look when their hair is wild and when it is fixed?

Totally different kids!

My daughter has the wild curly hair too. Never had a haircut and it falls in ringlets halfway down her back!

Strawberry blonde too...Like a Beach Barbie!


Miss you!

WILLIAM said...

Oh she looks pissed (no pun intended...okay pun intended)

Christi said...

Here's my favorite pic of TJ:


Much in that same realm.