Saturday, July 07, 2007

A post NOT about my kids

last night, troy and I were watching 20/20. I think he has a thing for John Stossel; he's bought John's book, the one about lies and stupidity... and always seems to get a gleam in his eye when watching one of the "give me a break' features.

Anyways.. I'm ok with it. I dig John. he's FAR easier on the eye than that FREAK of a zombie, Keith Morrison.

Anyways.. the feature last night was about that chick, Mary Winkler. She was married to some preacher. the long and short of it is that Mary shot her husband in the back while he slept.

Now, after watching the feature, I definitely feel like the husband was an asshole royale.... but did he deserve to be SHOT? not exactly the path I would have gone down.

So apparently Mary only has to serve about 3 years in jail, most of which are already done, what with being locked up during trials and stuff. NOW she's about to go out and seek custody of her three girls.

mmmm, is it ME, or does giving three girls to a woman who SHOT A MAN IN HIS SLEEP sound like maybe not such a great idea???

ok.. again.. two sides of the story... yeah yeah. he was abusive.. emotionally and perhaps physically. and he was an asshole for sure. but yet she stayed in the relationship. and then KILLED the man??? what in HELL is she going to do to her daughters when they become the self-righteous-all-knowing-and-throw-in-a-case-of-PMS-once-a-month TEENAGERS???

I know I'm not a psychiatrist or anything, but if Mary Mary was so unstable that her only resolve to her problematic marriage is through murder (sorry.. I believe it was ruled as voluntary manslaughter)... I sure hope the courts won't think she'll handle the MIND-FUCK otherwise known as motherhood any better.

NOW... I'm not completely heartless here. I do understand that a child should know their parents... but when mommy kills daddy... you think maybe the child can wait a little while ( til they are 18?) til gun-toting Annie is in charge of bedtime stories again?

*sigh*. that's all I got. it's just a sad story, where the real victims are the daughters.

sad sad sad.


Christi said...

Is it wrong that when I read that he would suffocate the kids to get them to quit crying, all I could think was that he deserved to die? I gasped, and thought, "What if he did it for too long and killed one of them?"

Also, in her defense, it did say she accidentally shot him, that the gun went off accidentally. So technically she didn't get him in his sleep, and didn't actually mean to kill him.

greekchickie said...

That woman is wacked... and to allow her to take care of the kids is so wrong. But you know that's exactly what will happen...


Carrie said...


I agree that no one should be abusing children.. or WOMEN for that matter.. but whether or not the gun went off accidently... Mary made the CONSCIOUS decision to bring A GUN WITH HER to "talk" to her husband.

If she finds that using a LOADED GUN as a means of effective communication with a man she stated over and over that she LOVES... wouldn't that classify as abusive behavior as well? how will she 'just talk' to her daughters?

Again.. I'm not dismissing what an asshole the guy was, but her continued examples of clearly poor decisions (uhhh... staying with the husband for YEARS despite abusive behavior towards her and her children, ignoring suggestions from friends and family that she should leave the husband, trying to 'talk' to her husband while he's sleeping, and furthermore bringing a LOADED GUN as her microphone) PRIOR to actually shooting the guy ('accidently' or not...)

anyways.. I think it's proof enough that maybe someone else should be helping her raise her girls. The idea of that woman setting an example to three future women (and possible future MOTHERS themselves) makes me sad, and downright sick to my stomach.