Saturday, July 28, 2007


if you EVER happen to decide to clean my garage and accidentally knock over Troy's motorcycle...

might I suggest NOT attempting to hold it up for over 30 minutes to prevent it from getting scratched on the ground? really.. you'll just end up hurting your back.

also.. might I offer the advise that if you, too, are wearing flip-flops while your feet are slightly wet that there's PROBABLY no chance in hell you will be able to lift the 800+ pound bike into its upright position during that half hour of profuse sweating, praying, cursing and straining.... until, of course, someone walks by and runs to your aide because they're convinced that the screaming child they hear is pinned under said bike?

yeah. let's just say yesterday was NOT one of my finer moments.

the garage looks great, though... and no.. no scratches on the bike.


suser said...

Dan said simply, "Good wife."

Oh lord and now he just asked why Troy has a bike and he doesn't.

Sorry about the bike mama... I'm picturing your scrawny ass trying to hold it up. Got any left over percocet from your c/s? Drug yourself!


kittenhead66 said...

LOL!! I'll remember that in case I'm ever cleaning your garage :)

Christi said...

I'm sure in Troy's eyes you are the best, BEST wife ever! I mean, man, you clean the garage AND save his bike? AND take care of his children! It don't come no better than that!

greekchickie said...

You are a good woman...

See, if you hadn't lost all that weight, you would have been able to pull that bike back up! :)