Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Every once in a while, I think I have a good idea.

(anyone who really knows me will begin laughing at this point)

so my recent GRAND idea involved ebay. I'll admit that I'm a bit behind the times when it comes to ebay. I've never sold anything before, and I only bought something once, cause we needed an 80's style cassette player walkman to give away as a gag gift for a christmas social.... but ANYWAYS....

so Troy, being the computer dude that he is... had some extra copies of windows Vista and Office Ultimate kicking around.

(I'll give you a minute or two to check those links and see how much those bitches sell for)

did I mention he had an extra copy of each? did you SEE how much those bitches sell for?

so I'm all.. hell YEAH we're gonna sell them on ebay!! make money money money, MAKE money money!!!

(pardon me for the ghetto explosion.. coffee must be kicking in...)

So yeah.. to quote the Cranberries.... so I went ahead and started me an auction.

oooooh, stupid stupid me.

so the auction itself wasn't bad. I listed them for 7 days, and for 7 days I religiously (ok.. more like fiendishly... bordering on crack-addiction-like) checked their listings to see who was bidding and for how much. I answered questions as they came in! I was PLEASANT!!! look at me.. I'm so E-bay I could puke!!!

so finally the auctions end, and we get like $200 for one, and $250 for the other. SHA-WING! The idea alone almost eased the pain of the washer breaking and the landscaping we still have to buy for the financial adventure called our backyard.

So ok.. I send the software to the auction winners... and now it's time for me to collect the money from pay-pal.

oh.. I'm SORRY. did I say pay-PAL?? (close your eyes, kids...) more like Pay-asshole-motherfuckers-we're-gonna-put-a-limitation-on-your-account-and-make-you-squeeze-water-from-a-stone-and-donate-an-organ-before-we-release-your-account-to-REQUEST-that-you-receive-the-money-in-4 to 5 business days-that-has-now-been-sitting-stagnant-for-3-weeks?????


I just want my money.

at this point, I'm waiting for ANOTHER review of my account, cause there's still a limitation on it. (original limitation was put on because I had "unusually high activity". uh, HELLO? I just OPENED the damn account... I do 2 transactions, and that's unusually HIGH? well, uh, maybe compared to the ZERO activity I had before ACTIVATING the crap-assed thing!) SO it takes them 24-72 hours to review my account every time I call them. If I got the magic combination right this time, I will find out anywhere from 1-3 days from now, THEN I can apply to have my money transferred to my bank account, which takes 4-5 business days. but again.. that's if, and only IF... the limitations finally get lifted. if not, I'm back to square one again.

I wonder if, when all is said and done, I'll get a free t-shirt that says "dance, monkey, dance!!"



greekchickie said...

Wow, thanks for the info... I thought about ebaying there for a while!


Christi said...

Yeah, gotta love ebay!