Friday, July 08, 2005

Got To Give It Up (pt. 1)

Remind me to STOP making propositions with Troy after I've been drinking.

You see... the night started out fine enough... I had made veal scallopini with a basil-dijon-butter sauce, some asparagus, and wild rice. Rhena ate her spinach, and we decided to have some wine with dinner.


So Rhena goes to bed, and now we're eating the cherry-cheesecake pie I made watching a STUPID movie (Assault on Precinct 13) when next thing you know, we've finished the bottle.

SO we did what ANY logical couple does on a work night after 9pm... and cracked open another one!


did you hear that??? I think I heard some kind of voice saying to stop drinking! I better ignore it... I wouldn't want to be responsible or anything!

So the next bottle goes down twice as fast as the first. and then we're drinking cosmos, and then we're drunk-dialing my girlfriend in jersey, and then I'm spilling my drink all over myself cause somehow the biggest mouth in north carolina suddenly shrunk and can't take a sip like a normal person.... and then my clothes are off, and then we're being married (or I guess we were being like a couple who's dating, cause we all know married people don't *do it*) and then next thing I know I'm proposing that I exchange sexual favors for every certain amount of days that Troy doesn't go out to lunch, and then the next thing I know it's 3:30 in the morning and that old bastard cat has snuck into my room again and took a shit in my throat.

But a promise is a promise, and day one of the lunch-exchange has begun. oy.

Other notes.... today is my mom's birthday!!! 60 years old!!! I have a lot of nice things to say about her, but I don't want to mash them in with a post about me getting drunk, so just know that she's a wonderful woman and I hope to be like her someday.

Next week shall mark the return of the MATCH-UP.... it's been a while, so I'll have to think of something sassy to kick things off again.

I'm going to be installing a new feature to the site, too... SONG OF THE WEEK. It'll probably be in the sidebar under 'dance fever'... so with some luck I'll have that going by monday, too.

today there is no tornado/hurricane/tropical storm looming about, so I may take the booger to the pool. or the aquarium. I still need to find out where it is.

but other then that... it's friday, so enjoy it.

OH! My friend Kelli is having her lymph nodes looked at today. Please say a little prayer in your own way that everything is ok with her. She's a dear friend and a new mom and well... I don't need any other reason. I love this girl, and I'm praying for her well-being. XXOO

ok... back to Friday-mode!!!

today's title brought to you by Marvin Gaye, 1977


Jaws said...

Happy Birthday Mum!!

And prayers to your friend Kelli. Thats always a scarey thing.

Liza said...

oooo yay!! can't wait for song of the week!! and omg you freakin' killed me with your drunk story. That is exactly the reason i have given up drinking wine during the week. don't you have a monstrous headache today? and if you don't, how do you avoid it? frickin' wine headaches.

Angela said...

You crack me up!

I am glad that you didn't drink that much when I was there. It would have made for some awkward moments!

I hope you are feeling ok today and that Rhena is an angel.

Thinking of you Kel!

Angela (but not the threesome Angela from yesterday, a different one)

john boy said...

Okay, if you are still wondering what is attracting the "Le Freak" type of commenters, please slowly read this post and the comments to the last post. Um, baby, you are right there with them. With the number of times sex and porn are brought up around here I can only imagine the types of Google searches your sassy pink self turn up on. LOL

And, your photo also helps I'm sure ;)
Just an observation...

Laina said...

Damn, you people eat better than any other blogger I read, lol! Do you do long distance catering?

dnyduck said...

Stop with the mid-week wine "tasting" already! These promises to Troy may may leak out to Kevin and then I'm in trouble!!!

Love ya babe!

Carrie said...

thanks, Jaws... on behalf of my mom and Kelli!!

Liza... I'm an old goat when it comes to the wine.... I do get the cat-shit effect, but no headache.

Fergie.... I'm just laughing. just plain laughing!

ok, John-boy... you have a point with yesterday's posts... but mostly I'm an innuendo kind of gal.... and you're so sweet.... a compliment from you is twice as nice cause you're 'buddies' with Brad and you have your own fan club and all!!!!

Laina-- you crack me up.... no catering, sorry.... besides... if you ate the way I did, you woouldn't be spoting those bikini shots on your blog!!! :)

Carrie said...

Steph--- I know, I know.... learn from my mistakes!! So when you see Kevin refilling your glass more often then not... JUST SAY NO!! :)

carlotta fun said...

HHHmmm, feeling your pain. I got plastered on Tuesday. I was having a shit day and decided I didn't want to be me anymore. Apparently my new persona is a drunk. In the span of about 3 hours I had a Jack & Ginger, 3 Sweet Tarts, 1 Lemon Drop and 3 very nasty Vodka Martinis. I just hate that I didn't have anyone to take my clothes off for like you did. Instead my friend dumped me off at home with a Big Mac and a trash can. Here's to tying one on during a weekday!

Marie said...

Wow, that sounds like one damn fine meal. You had me cracking up on all the liquor you two managed to down! LOL! How do you feel today?? ;)

greekchickie said...

mmmmmm John Boy..... *drool*

Sorry, just had to say that. Bet he doesn't know he has his own private Greek fan club... lol

I hope all goes well for your friend & sorry about the cat in your mouth. Live & learn, right?



john boy said...

Okay, you are now linked on my blog AND featured on CafePress :)

Carrie said...

Carlotta.... I was good and satyed away from the J&J... glad to know you and I still have similar lush-moments!!! :)

Marie... other than the cat-shit-in-the-throat... I'm feeling dandy... thanks!!!

Marianna... I think he knows now! you should check out his food-for clothing program... in fact... I think you need one of his shirts!!! Even though he's recently spoken for... I think your baking skillz deserve a t-shirt!! seriously... check him out!

and my dearest JohnBoy... *MWUAH!!* thank you!!! I was just looking for the sidebar love... the cafe-press is an added bonus!! I'm thinking I might order one of your shirts or something with the Fan Club logo for Rhena.... do you carry baby sizes? XXOO

CheekyMoo said...

Well I wanted to comment and say that post made me want to get real drunk and have sex, but I can't say that on your Mom's birthday.


Happy birthday to your Mom! I hope your friend is ok. That is awful to go through.

I think you should amend that offer and say he has to skip lunch, fine but for your excellent cooking and housework abilities he has to give you stuff.

Susie said...

God I'm away all day and Carrie is giving up her goodies to John Boy. Daaamn how much did you drink, GIRL? And I better get some goodies first - the frozen for 2 months kind - not the OTHER-promised-to-Troy kind.

What's that RHCP song... he says give it away give it away give it away, yeah.

scrappintwinmom said...

Dude, you made my fucking day with your post over at my place. I said act like I look went above and beyond the call my friend. You made me smile, thank you. I'm sending good vibes to your friend, and a Happy B'day to your mom - my mom is 60 as well - and your mom is a Cancer like me - we're just full of coinky-dinks. Hysterical story about you getting drunk on a school nite. Cheers! Here's hoping I'll be drunk on a weekend nite tomorrow...but unlike you, me & DH are married and I try NOT to do it whenever I can. LOL. MWAH!

Christi said...

Yeah, I can't do wine, period. It's not pretty at all.

Lil Country said...

Funny, you sound like my roommate and I. She can always tell when it's been a bad day at work because before I even change out of my uniform, I've already poured both of us a glass of wine, which means you have to empty the bottle to keep space in the fridge. And then you need wine with dinner, so there goes another one...and if we're just bummin around, of course there is a third. I guess that explains all the wine racks in our house. Maybe I'll have to ship you our a bottle of my Galena Cellers wine...hmmmmmm yummy! Its a family owned winery in northwestern Illinois by the Mississippi. But you'll have to tell me what kinds you like!
Have a great day and Happy birthday to the mumster!

Melissa said...

Happy birthday to your Mom! And I yope your friend Kelli id okay.
Gotta love getting too drunk to keep your mouth shut. You are too funny.

Wethyb said...

Hey there! I'm back!!

Great new look! I love it!!

Way to get drunk...LOL. Wine has a way of doing that to a person eh??