Thursday, July 28, 2005

I'll Always Love My Mama

So here's a little tid-bit you might not have known about me. I have a tattoo.

I've had one for a few years now, but I was keeping it a secret from my parents. My dad found out about 10 or 11 months after I got it. My parents had come out to Reno for a Christmas visit ( it was troy and my first Christmas as a married couple, as well as in our first house)

anyways.... I guess Daddy saw it when he and I went to the food store to get some gravy for the Turkey I was going to be preparing. I must have forgotten about it, and when I skooched way down to the back of the bottom of the shelf in the store, the ink peeked out from my pants.

I, of course, didn't know that he saw this until a few hours later when he and I were getting something from the beer fridge in the garage.

"Nice Ink," he says in the most monotone-slash-stern voice I'd ever heard. "Don't let your mother see it."

so after I wiped my ass, I regained composure and carried on with the Holiday festivities.

That was a year and a half ago.

During this visit, I fell back into step with wearing two t-shirts, sweat jackets tied around my waist, and making sure things were always 'tucked in' before reaching down to pick up the baby, some toy, or I dunno... SNEEZE?

and yes.... it HAS been 1000 degrees lately, thank you very much, and YES... I HAVE been sweating my face off from all the extra layers.

so anyways... on Tuesday morning, Rhena began her favorite game of "Uh-oh".... you know the one where she drops something and says "Uh-oh" over and over and over again??? and yes... the same game where she'll still say "uh-oh" even though nothing has been dropped in over 5 minutes and she has nothing in her hands TO drop cause mama's back is damn near broken??? .....yes. That's the game.

Anyways... so we're playing "Uh-Oh!", and I paused briefly to fix my pyjamas when suddenly out of nowhere my mom says,

"Oh, you don't have to fix your shirt... I know you have a tattoo."

Come again?

Turns out she never actually saw it, but the ole gypsy started noticing how I always grab my back or tuck in before I bend over. (I guess it would be hard to NOT notice, considering I do it about 549 times a day when she's around???)

Anyways... I suppose y'all are like... SO???? but you don't understand. my mom is one of THOSE moms. like the kind where you even THINK about doing something you know she's not going to approve of and suddenly you can't get Tootie from the Facts of Life out of your head saying "You're gonna be in Trooooooou-BLE!"

And I know, I know... what exactly would my mom do if she found out?? Ground me??? I mean... I *am* almost 33 years old... I'm married and have my own child now... c'mon! how bad could it be???

And I know all this... but yet.... the fact remains..... no matter how old I am, I'll Always Love My Mama... and I respect her more than anything. I really DO value her opinion, even though there are times I say "to hell with what she says!!".... it does not take away the basic and simple premise that I do not want to intentionally disrespect her.

Deep down, I guess I knew that as much as she wouldn't say too much about my ink-job... I know it'd be one of those things she just wouldn't quite feel the same about.... so I tried to keep it from her.

When she asked me how I thought about Rhena getting a tattoo... I was honest. .....At this point in her life... DEFINITELY NOT. ....But if she gets one some day... I just want her to wait until she's old enough to understand what permanent means. (and never mind all you that are gonna say how they can be removed.... that's a crock of shit for wishy-washy people.... and a cop-out. don't get me started!)

Anyways... I wish for Rhena to THINK before she does something, and to understand the word consequences. ....Whether it's a tattoo, marriage, sex, drugs, drinking, or whatever.... I want her to THINK before she chooses to go down a certain road. If she does so, and is willing to accept the consequences that come with that choice (and knowing some could be life-long...) then I support her.

So anyways... long story short.... I've been outed.... and I survived.

As for my mom.... I appreciate how cool she handled the situation (I guess respect goes both ways, huh?) and am now thrilled that I no longer have to wear shit tied around my waist in Charlotte summers. But ultimately, I think my mom is just happy I didn't end up in the circus as the Tattoo Lady like I wanted to when I was a kid.

Love you, mom!

Today's title brought to you by the Intruders, 1973


greekchickie said...

Oh very cool blog, Carrie. I love how respectful & honorable you are & that you want your baby girl to be the same way when she's older.

I love the tattoo... I've wanted one for a few years now. I'm just too chicken to get it done.


Chief Slacker said...

I told my mom on the phone about my tattoo. She called and we chatted a little bit. She was like "So anythign else new?" I was "not really.... oh wait, I got a tattoo." She wanted pictures so I sent some and since she though it covered my whole back she was like "Why'd you get one so big?" but when she saw it in person she said "Oh, that's not bad, I kind of like it." heh.

I had a fiend with the same situation as you though. Got it and didn't want the 'rents to know. She was at a baby shower about a month later and bent over for a present andher mom said "Am I going to have to see that Tattoo every time you bend over?" hehehe

Oh well, I like mine and it means a lot to me, so who cares what anyone else things.

nice back by the way ;O)

ThoughtsGalore said...

HUNNY...that's HUGE! LOL! I'm glad the mama was good with it.

YOu're so cute and I love that you care what she thinks. I care too about what my mom thinks. Don't you think that's why we've turned out ok. :)

Maria said...

Muahahahahahahaha that tat fits your personality soooo well! :-P

I was with my dad when I got my first tatoo, and my whole family when I got my last. A family that gets inked together, stays together.

We're not white trash, I promise!

Tee said...

LOL Carrie - I have the same relationship with my Mom. She holds this weird control over all 3 of her daughters. We're still naughty at times but we feel guilty about it or worry what she'll think. LOL.... I hope I posesss this same power over my children.

I sooooo don't miss the "Uh Oh" game. My back has never been the same.

Melissa said...

I'm glad you're back!
I like the tattoo! Very cute. Funny how we still care what our parents think.
As for your trip detailing your road trip, you did some cool stuff. I've always wanted to go to Biltmore. My dad went two summers ago and I loved all the pictures.

Laina said...

My mom HAS a tattoo, so I doubt she'll care when I get one, unless it's really tacky or something. But I remember that moment of trepidation--I felt like that when I told my parents we were expecting Sam. Mind you, I'd been married three years when I found out I was pregnant, but I still was scared that I'd "get in trouble." Luckily they took it well, and now he's the light of their lives!

Taylor said...

Girl you are hilarous! But I'm glad your Mom didn't give you a spanking! Now that woulda been bad! LOL! JK.

Cute Tat, any meaning behind it?

Lil Country said...

Nice Girl! Thanks for the picture of your butt. I think I'll have to save that for something special in the future..evil grin! I got my "dirty girl" tatoo (aka the small of your back) a couple years ago with my brother under the condition that I wouldn't tell our dad that I got it with him. Screw that! I dialed him up as soon as we got back to the house and said, "you are never gonna guess where doug took me!" Yeah, I got smacked! Oh well, definatley worth the fun...but now I need more tatoos....

ZuphChic said...

It's funny your post was about tattoos (what a weird-looking word) today. I'm addicted to two new shows...Miami's Ink on TLC and Inked on A&E. You should check them out...

Susie said...

Cool tat, Sista! What is it? I tried to make the pic bigger but couldn't for some reason.

gina said...

i hid mine from my parents for 2 yrs and mine is on the back of my calf... mom was like WHY are you wearing JEANS in the florida summer? LOL
why do we care? i dunno...... that is funny we have the same story though ..

Maria said...

oooooh all of this tat talk has got me in the mood for another. I think I'll be looking for some good ink shops while we're in Chicago ;)

Christi said...

I wasn't worried about my mom at all. I'm still trying to get her to stop being a chicken and get her own! However, I have a grim reaper on one shoulder, and my grandparents and in-laws didn't even like the smiley face they found out I have! However, I had to let them all see them at my wedding, and oh well if they didn't like them! I have a skull in a tribal on my leg, too, and I love them all. I love yours, too!

Oh, and once I've lost 40 lbs. on my diet, I can get a new tattoo! I guess I need to start that diet, eh?

Jaws said...

AAhahaha I love it.. I don't like mnay Tattoos but that one I like!

Carrie said...

thanks for the support, gang...

the tattoo is actually the Spitfire logo... cause you know I'm just a rad skateboarder and shit. dude.

Marie said...

Cool tattoo. I have always wanted to get one but I can't decide on what or how I want it to look. And I would not be inclined to let *my* mom know about it either. ;-)

song said...

I got my tatt just before my 21st birthday and I showed my mum at the family birthday (she wont yell at me if we are in public)
She said "nice tattoo" and tried to rubit off for about 10 minutes before she said "Is that really real?"
6 months later and she still tries to rub it off.

Angie said...

My husband is 44 and STILL hides his tats from his mom. More out of respect though because she doesn't like them....prude! LOL

Angie said...

So what is the tat? Where did you come up with the idea from?