Sunday, July 31, 2005

Funky Town

So for a lack of a better title, I chose Funky Town cause my feet stink.

Sorry... it's been a slow weekend, and right now all I can think about is the smell of my feet, so there you have it.

So here it is.... I'm thinking that if you choose to wear a pair of shoes while working for the Make-Up Mafia during the summer you also happen to be pregnant, and during said summer, you are living in a desert of utmost BROWN proportions.... you should probably throw said shoes away.


because try as I might... sprays, powders, those slip-in thingies, washing.... NONE of those methods have eliminated the funk of 1000 make-overs.

people... my feet are straight up rank right now.

But it pisses me off, see... cause these shoes were like $90 ON SALE (AND after my Macy's discount!!!), so I don't want to throw them away... and they are pretty cute.... but THEY STIIIIIIIIIINK!!!!

so I know I should just can them... but oh... it pains me to do that. But it also pains me to smell my feet right now, and you KNOW when you can smell yourself and you think you smell bad that other people are just puking in your wake. kinda like farts, you know??? like everybody's used to the smell of their own farts, but if you let one rip that even makes yourself gag... you KNOW the right thing to do is spray or light a match or warn somebody or SOMETHING.

I mean.... when my feet are their normal scent... I'm not worried. sure, they may smell a little like sour cake batter, but they're definitely not gag-worthy... so if somebody's near my feet... hey... they're FEET. what did you expect?

but today... I just can't get over how nasty they are. no wonder Rhena was looking a little pasty earlier.

oh well.... we have one more place to go today (meeting some friends for dinner) so I'm not going to wash the punks until we get home. when the shoes are on, the smell seems contained, so I think it'll be safe when we're out.

I'm going to try one last thing to save the shoes... a little arm and hammer. if that doesn't work, I think it's curses for the shoes.... unless someone needs a stink-bomb sent to someone they really really (REALLY) don't like.

Any suggestions on how to save the shoes will be appreciated..... though if you're going to say carpet fresh, I can tell you now that it doesn't work, and kinda burned my toes a little. but again... suggestions are appreciated. Otherwise, I will respect the general population that has working noses and ditch my old friends.

have a great sunday, gang....

today's title brought to you by Lipps Inc., 1979


Susie said...

Thank GOD something new to read in Blogland. I know I'm just as big a culprit to the weekend slack in posting. ANYWHO...

When I used to work in an office many moons ago I noticed the foot stank in certain shoes I wore. What cut the dead air better than anything was Bath & Body Works spray in Country Apple or Sun-Ripened Raspberry. Saah-WAY-ER to Gad.

Christi said...

I've had to part with many a great show for that same reason. I, too, would love to know how to end said stink! It's always the best and most expensive ones that do that!