Thursday, July 14, 2005

That's The Way I Like It

(uh-huh, uh-huh!!!)

nothing like a little KC & the sunshine band for the morning. or the afternoon. ....hell... KC and the sunshine band is good ANY time of day!

So there's really not too much to blog about specifically. I've been pretty busy running around like a chicken these days. My parents will be coming down next week for a visit, which is really cool, but it means the house must yet again be cleaned.

Actually my big project is cleaning up the rec room once and for all. It has become my "the rest of the moving boxes go in here til I figure out where the hell to put them" room. ......annnnnd.... with rhena's birthday rapidly approaching, and the influx of out-of-state family that will be visiting that weekend... I need to get the room emptied out. it would be nice to have a room that rhena can have all of her toys, too... instead of us tripping over shit downstairs all day.

so what else.

Thanks to everyone for the tooth-comments. I will post a photo montage and all the captions over at my photoblog later today. The good news is that he was able to get the tooth cemented back in. I guess he goes back in August for the real replacement... something about a titanium screw?? can you say OUCH??? that just does not sound like fun.... but the good news is that they only have like a 1-2% failure rate... (as compared to getting a bridge done, and having to get that re-done every 10-15 years) Bad news is that it's going to cost about $3000 dollars. talk about a titanium screw!!!!

oh... check me out.... I was given an award!!!!! Yup... I've been promoted to a Deputy Slacker over at the Daily Slacker's place. .....though I suppose when you boil it down... is this something I should be proud of?? ....ahhh... I am.

here's my badge.... I have to find a way to incorporate it into my template.

And I also got props over at John Boy's site.... I finally made the "Real People" list... though he may take me off the list cause I did HORRIBLY on his quiz. Maybe I'll at least get to stay on the list, but only be allowed in the fan club if I pay dues. ....he's all squishy for a girl right now, though, so I bet I'm totally under the radar anyway!

that's it, gang.. the brain is mush right now. perhaps I'll post later when I can think of something to bitch about. (who am I kidding... that won't take long!) what I mean is that maybe I'll post later when I can form more than one coherent thought?
either way... Rhena has begun to vote her toys off of Crib-Island, and she'll be pissed if I don't get up there for the finale!

today's title brought to you by KC & the Sunshine Band, 1975


greekchickie said...

Have a good time with the fam-damily!


Melissa said...

You sound busy. Take time to breathe girl!
Crib Island. That's cute.

Marie said...

I love reading your latest goings-on. You crack me up. LOL

Oh, and I too am wearing my Deputy Slacker badge with pride!

Maria said...

Hey Deputy! Love the pic of Troy. I once dated a guy that got one of his front teeth kicked out during an Extreme Fighting competition.

Until he got it fixed, I had a hard time kissing him. All I could think about was was the gap.

Have fun with the family! Love you!

Pieces of Me said...

Hey girl! wow I love your new blog look! I just read about your hubby's tooth! That is hillarious! My hubby keeps chipping his front tooth...the same drives me crazy! He has such weak teeth and yet he wants to chew on EVERYTHING! Hello...weak teeth + chewing on everything = chipped hard is that?? er...Do they ever learn? TTYL

Wethyb said...

You always crack me up!

john boy said...


Don't worry about the quiz, Carrie. Even my own sister didn't get them all correct!

CheekyMoo said...

Whew! I read that your biggest business was cleaning a room..I was thinking "WHAT ABOUT THE TOOTH??!" that would have to be my priority. Then I saw it's fixed for now. I'll sleep better tonight knowing it's fixed.

Rhena's going to be one soon..time sure flies.

Christi said...

What an overachiever! Congrats!

Liza said...

way to be a slacker!

Tee said...

You're so funny! I'm laughing so hard about titanium screw and crib island! :)

ThoughtsGalore said...

Hey Dancing Queen....

I love the ABBA.

The titanium screw price is awful. My husband got it free since he's a marine. I never thought it would be 3000k. Ugh.

I hope you're having a wonderful weekend.