Sunday, July 31, 2005

More, More, More -

ok... so I have another thought.

in case y'all haven't noticed... Cze-Johnson Fever has been burning for over a year now.

every now and then I like to look back and re-read what I was thinking a few months back. Turns out I actually wrote something today last year....

I just re-read it, and while I'm still about 90% on board with what I wrote.... I'll own up to being a little wrong. ...turns out I could have never expected to be filled with this much love.

Sure... I loved my unborn child, but now that she's outside, and she's my RHENA... the overwhelming feeling of love and appreciation and awe is indescribable.

and that was a little like a switch, cause all at once, with that first loud cry... my dreams became real.

don't get me wrong... shit is constantly changing here in Johnson-ville.....

but I will admit that loving Rhena.... my baby..... my daughter.... our living, breathing precious child... is way better that loving the monster within.

this title was brought to you by Andrea True Connection, 1976


Porq said...

About your "FUNKY TOWN" blog of last year, Little Girl said "YOU STINK" back in Daytona !!!

And you are correct about children being "precious".


midwest_hick said...

Kids are the best.....(even at their worst)...I just got back into town and my daughter's soccer team is playing for the state championship tomorrow.....and I'm frantically trying to get the day off to

Susie said...

Living it and feeling it, LOVAH.

Christi said...

I know exactly what you can never know how much love you've got till you have a little one to give it to!

greekchickie said...

I love your blog... both last year & today!

As far as your stinky situation, girl I wish I knew what advice to give you on that. I have the same problem! I eventually just throw away the shoes. It's not bad with socks.. just something about those cheapy plasticy ones get to my feet too!

Although, with a pair from Macy, that should NEVER happen!


Jewl said...

Oh yeah, ITA!! Having the little one outside is soooo much better than having them inside!!

Wethyb said...

Isn't it funny how things change so much in a year? I just love having Gracie around and can't imagine life without her now!! Ditto to what Christi said!!