Thursday, July 07, 2005

Le Freak

so it's funny how every once in a while I get a poster on my site and it reminds me of just how big this WWW is.

not even saying that my posters come from all over the world... but every now and then (ok, every time, cause I'm nosey like that!!) well, every time I get a new commenter, I go check out their site.

Lately I've been getting a lot of sexually explicit bloggers commenting on my site. which is fine... everyone has their own thing... but I just wonder what attracts them to my site. And when I say sexually explicit, I don't mean that they're being rude or crass to me or my peeps on here... I'm just saying that they're a LOT more open with their sexuality on their own blogs. Which again, is A-OK with me, cause the whole thing with blogging is being able to express yourself however you please. But again... with all the 'crap' (hah hah,... get it? CRAP!!!) I talk about here... I wonder what keeps bringing them back, or staying here long enough to comment.

I mean... last I checked I'm not surfing the web for nekkid pics of anyone, and I pretty much just bitch about poop and teeth coming in and how bored I get holed up in this house.

Could my new sassy pink font be a magnet for stay-at-home porn??? I dunno.

but the point is that it makes me remember that for as diverse as I'd like to think I am... I am NOWHERE even near the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the blogs that are out there.

So for a lack of a better word, I guess you could say I'm excited (get it.. excited? I really slay me!!!) that I have new commenters. I appreciate being able to be a voyeur into somebody else's life. especially someone who isn't cleaning up baby shit and drool all day.

So maybe that's it... I mean, there ARE two sides to every coin, right? maybe just maybe a stay-at-home-addicted-to-disco-mom life is interesting to some folks out there in a peep-through-the-window-kind-of-way. Naaaaaah.... it's probably just the pink font.

today's title is brought to you by Chic, 1978


Liza said...


heeey gotta question for ya, do you think you can pop over to my wonderful boyfriend's blog and wish him a happy birthday? thankies!

Memphis Steve said...

I think there are more blogs by new moms and young moms than any other. I'm just basing this on what I've seen, so don't quote me. Oh, and poop seems to draw'em in like flies.

Like flies. Yeah, I said that.

Melissa said...

Maybe they think that your picture is hot.

Laina said...

LOL, I know you've checked out my blog, and NO PORN. But just for you I might have to find some racy pics. Do my bathing suit pics count?

greekchickie said...

Sighhh... I'm LOOKING for porn these days. I'm so down & out in the sex department, I'm considering sleeping with Angela for the kicks of it. But she loves me, so it's all gooooood.


CheekyMoo said...

Considering? I thought we already decided on the shagging thing damnit.

Don't tell me I have to romance you! I figured you'd just put out but I guess not.

Stay at home porn. The story of my life. I mean I can't drive or get out much you know. I have to have something to do with myself.

Carrie said...

Liza--- done deal, sista!!! and for pete's sake... AHVE the cheesy potatoes!!! they sound so good!!!

Naked Steve--- flies. HAH!!! no no no... YOU slay ME!!!!

Melissa- you're sweet, but I doubt it. Unless, of course grungy hair and t-shirt from target are the new hot??? in that case... rarrrrgh! check me out!

Laina-- c'mon... that pic of you in the 80's is HOT HOT HOT!!!! But I did see the B-suit pics... you definitely get points for showing skin! :)

Marianna and Cheeky--- you two are just in a world of your own. first the phone calls, now the on-line affair... what's next??? do the kids know about this????


greekchickie said...

Do the kids know about this? How about the trolls?! Why do you think they are all bug-eyed?! It's cuz they have SEEN. lol

Angela ~ at the very LEAST I expect flowers & dinner. I don't come that cheap. *HAHAHA... NO PUN INTENDED!!!*

Look Carrie ~ more porn on your site!


Carrie said...

PLEASE tell me you did not just write that....

*sigh* really wrote that.

you're so lucky I love you!

(*ahem* NOT in a lesbo way, Cheeky, so don't even get any ideas!!! I won't be part of your freak-aleak reindeer games!!!)

CheekyMoo said...

hahahahahahahaha Marianna loves me. What can I say?

I'm not a lesbo. I'll bat for the minors, but I'd never go pro.

I'm on a roll today!

I blogged pics of me in undies Carrie, and it brought out the tiger in her. Weeeee!

greekchickie said...


I LOVE YOU BOTH! No need in fighting over me, now girls. There's plenty of me to share between the 2 of you. Carrie, you KNOW you are a closet lesbo. Angela ~ I WILL have my way with you. After you wine & dine me. Ohhhh do I have plans for you!

Can we say "SEXUAL TENSION" in here, people?!


Carrie said...

sorry ladies... you two can have each other... I'm spoken for with two OTHA LOVAHS....

and then there's troy, too... can't forget him! :)

Susie said...

Hm. Stay-at-home porn. Cottage industry? I just post in your comments because I like looking at Steve's ass on that toilet. Does that count as porn?

Jenni said...

that is the funniest picture of Memphis Steve!!! OMG!!

Carrie said...

ahh, yes... who could resist a little ass-on-the-can shot????

hubba hubba!!!

Jaws said...

They sense your freaky side like a Star wars junkie feels the

Nothing wrong with alittle freaky.

CheekyMoo said...

You buy me flowers and I'll spring for dinner.

But if you make me have a seizure I'm kicking your ass. hahahahahaha

Oh lawdie I think this staying at home stuff is going to my head. Maybe I need to have a baby to keep me busy.

I'll get right on that. ;-)

Marie said...

Hey Carrie! This is my first time visiting your blog although I've seen you in many other blog comment sections. :) I'll be coming back for sure. I too am amazed at the vastness of the WWW.

Marie said...

Buy the way, your blog is doing pretty well in Blogshares! :)